Mansikkapaikka Library of Things promotes a more sustainable everyday life one borrowed item at a time

There is a long tradition of lending goods at Kansalaistalo Mansikkapaikka. The idea to set up an actual Library of Things in the premises of Mansikkapaikka in Lentävänniemi was born in 2019, and in the spring of last year the sharing service got its first Library Director. The Library of Things promotes Tampere residents' sense of community and a sustainable lifestyle.
Different bicycles and a milk churn trolley at Kansalaistalo Mansikkapaikka's sunny front yard.
Tampere residents can borrow a trailer bike, a folding bike, a bike trailer for children or a milk churn trolley, among other things, from the Library of Things.

In Lentävänniemi, Mansikkapaikka Library of Things has a large selection of various everyday goods for shared use, such as childcare items, bicycles, camping and sewing supplies, litter grabber tools, games and party supplies. A trailer bike, a folding bike and a bike trailer for children previously used in the City of Tampere's mobility projects have also found a new home in the Library of Things. Borrowing the goods is free of charge, except for pain-relieving TENS machine.

– Our sharing service is flexible and we are easily approachable. The loan period is agreed upon with the customer. The periods can be long or short depending on the needs of the borrower and other demand for the goods. The most popular items at the Library of Things are various everyday aids, especially for families with children, such as jogging strollers, highchairs, travel cots and child carrier backpacks. Games and toys are also very popular, says Emma Bragge from Mansikkapaikka.

Community, trust, and sustainability are at the heart of the Library of Things

Mansikkapaikka and its Library of Things promote Tampere residents' sense of community and a sustainable life. The idea is that residents can influence the selection of the Library of Things and make it suitable for their own community. Anyone can suggest for donation something that they no longer need but consider to be in a good condition, and useful to others. Trust is a central part of community-based sharing economy service.

– People take good care of borrowed items. The service is based on mutual trust, and so far it has worked well, rejoices Bragge.

The work of organizations and associations to promote the sharing economy and shared use increases residents’ opportunities for a sustainable lifestyle. Sharing things instead of buying new ones also promotes Tampere’s goal of being climate neutral by 2030.

– Sustainable action is the future. We see that organizations and associations need to be involved in it, and we also strive for awareness in every aspect of our operations, says Mervi Matswetu, the executive director of Mansikkapaikka. We also feel that striving for a sharing economy and shared use is important. As the world changes, everyone should consider their own consumption and consume differently. Not everything needs to be owned, but things can be shared, continues Bragge.

 Mervi Matswetu sits on a folding bike and Emma Bragge stands beside her in front of Mansikkapaikka's red building.
Executive Director of Mansikkapaikka, Mervi Matswetu, and Lielahti Park Meal Officer, Emma Bragge. The operation of the Library of Things is managed by the Library Director, Matilda Lepistö.

Carbon Neutral Actions development programme of the City of Tampere promotes the city’s climate neutrality goal and collaborates with various communities close to the everyday life of city residents.

– Borrowing items instead of buying them is a significant way to reduce consumption based greenhouse gas emissions and thus also support Tampere’s climate neutrality goal. We are happy that we can support and collaborate with many different active communities promoting a more sustainable future in the city. For example, bicycles that were in use by the city have now found a new life in the Library of Things. The city, communities, companies, and residents need to work together to curb global warming and the loss of biodiversity, says Program Manager Tiina Leinonen from the City of Tampere.

If you want to donate your own items to the Library of Things, please contact the Library Director to ensure the demand for donated items and storage space.

The work of the Library Director is funded by STEA. The Library of Things and its operations were also expanded and developed by the STEA-funded Tule! project in 2022.

Sharing economy refers to an economic model in which the use of goods or services is seen as more important than owning them alone. In the sharing economy, the costs of owning and using commodities are often shared in a collaborative way among a larger user group.

Shared use refers to the use of goods and services among several people, similar to the sharing economy. However, unlike the sharing economy, users often do not jointly own the goods and services, but they can be rented or borrowed as needed.


The Carbon Neutral Actions development programme invites residents and businesses to build a more sustainable everyday life together with the City of Tampere. The aim is to significantly reduce emissions from mobility and consumption, and to promote the circular economy and biodiversity. The Carbon Neutral Actions Development Programme will run from 2022 to 2025.

Further information

Library Director
Matilda Lepistö
Phone: 040 128 7069
Email: [email protected]

Tiina Leinonen
Program Manager
041 730 6376
Text: Jutta Lajunen
Photos: Jutta Lajunen
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