Carbon neutral actions development programme

Three people with bicycle helmets on look out over Lake Pyhäjärvi on Pispala Esker, with wooden houses and bicycles in the landscape.
The Carbon Neutral Actions development programme invites residents and businesses to build a more sustainable everyday life together with the City of Tampere. The aim is to significantly reduce emissions from mobility and consumption, and to promote the circular economy and biodiversity. The Carbon Neutral Actions Development Programme will run from 2022 to 2025.

Fair and equal transition to a climate resilient society

Carbon Neutral Actions is one of the three new development programmes of the council period and contributes to each of the four priorities of the city strategy. The aim is to identify and develop practices that support sustainable consumption and mobility habits.

Working with residents, the programme operates at residential area level and promotes change from a local perspective. There are three target areas: Vuores; Tesoma, Tohloppi, Rahola and Ikuri; Leinola and Vehmainen. In addition to reducing emissions, the programme aims to strengthen the well-being of the people of Tampere.

Carbon Neutral Actions supports companies in environmentally responsible business and helps to find new business opportunities through the circular economy and carbon neutrality.

Not all changes or sustainable everyday choices will suit everyone. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

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Tiina Leinonen
Program Manager
041 730 6376
Mimmi Virtanen
Planning Officer
040 154 9883