The local detailed plan proposal for the first residential area of Hiedanranta will soon be made available to the public

The first residential area will take shape in the new district of Hiedanranta, to the north of the former factory buildings. The three blocks will house around 1200 new residents. On 15 August 2023, the Committee for City Planning and Infrastructure Services decided to make the detailed plan proposal available to the public. The goal is to build an urban, sustainable residential area with a focus on public transport options.
Street wiew from Tehdaskartanonkatu
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The new block of flats will be located between the tramway, the Factory and Sellupuisto park. The plan area, which comprises around 7.5 hectares, includes Tehdaskartanonkatu Street, which will be planned/zoned up to Lielahdenkatu Street. The route of the tramway under construction has already been decided and presented in another local detailed plan. The plans for the multi-functional Sellupuisto park have also been presented in previous local detailed plans.

The building areas form a closed block structure as stated in the general plan. The urban character of the area will also be secured through the general guideline, which provides instructions and guidelines on the inclusion of windowed ground level spaces and activities that invigorate the urban landscape. The number of floors in the buildings vary from four to nine, with the shortest buildings situated on the side of the courtyards. The tallest buildings will be located at the sides visible to the street. The proposed new building rights consist of around 80,000 square metres of floor area, of which about 61,000 will be designated for residential construction.

A diverse city

Any adjacent buildings, and the parts of the same building that feature varying roof shapes or heights, must differ in their façade colour as well as in their façade material or design. The main material can be either bricks or wood. In addition, three individual plots may also use plaster. The buildings adjacent to the tramway must feature flat roofs, but otherwise asymmetric ridged roofs are permitted. Flat roofs are ideal for e.g. green roofs and terraces. Most of the balconies must be recessed.

A new square, “Kuivaamonaukio”, will be situated between the residential blocks and the Factory. The square’s level differences and stairs must be adapted to its surrounding environment and implemented in a high-quality manner. More detailed planning of the square will continue in connection with the local detailed plan of the Factory complex. Small commercial spaces have been allocated to the block next to the square. The courtyards of the blocks will serve as the shared common facilities. There will be separate yards for street or ground-level dwellings in the locations marked on the map.

Supported housing is allocated for apartments located in the southern part of one of the blocks. The plan for the residential blocks specifies that a minimum of 1.7% of residential floor area must be reserved for common and recreational spaces intended for residents. Additionally, there will be three common spaces on the plot intended for all residents.

A designated block area on the western side of the tramway has been allocated for a shared parking facility. The facility’s primary façade material may be metal, brick, wood, or concrete. In addition, its façade must be adapted to its surrounding cityscape through the appropriate architectural, environmental construction  and/or artistic means. Vines must be planted along the side of the parking facility. The green factor tool will also be observed at the parking facility’s plot.

In addition, the plan allows for the inclusion of sports facilities, commercial spaces, and industrial spaces that do not cause environmental disturbance  in the plot’s buildable area.

Changes to the proposed plan

The local detailed plan was revised as a result of the feedback concerning the draft plan and returned back to the proposal phase. After the draft phase, the local detailed plan was incorporated with more variation in the number of floors and roof shapes during the proposal phase. Nevertheless, the block structure based on the general plan for Hiedanranta has been mainly preserved.

The goal of achieving an urban and industrial atmosphere is guided by planning regulations and construction guidelines. The commercial spaces and the largest common space will be located near the tram stop. The division has been revised, taking into account the requirements for housing design and reasonable project sizes.

In addition, stormwater regulations have been updated, and biofiltration and green factor calculations have been added. The plot for office buildings has been removed. The demarcation of the street area has been corrected. The demarcation of the plan area has also been extended on Tehdaskartanonkatu street to the property boundaries.

An alleyway leading towards the north has been added to the northern edge of the area, serving as an accessible ramp connection that is maintained throughout the year. A location for an electrical transformer has been added to the northern part of the area.

In addition to the plan map, its appendices have been updated with a shadow analysis, soil studies, a vision for the cityscape of Hiedanranta and Lielahti as well as a street plan that is more detailed than the master plan.

The proposal for a local detailed plan and the related material will be made publicly available between 17 August and 18 September 2023. During this period, the proposal will be open to comments. For more information about the proposed local detailed plan, visit the City of Tampere’s website. The park and street plans of the area will also be available from 17 August, and they are open for feedback as well.

The town planners will present the proposal for the local detailed plan during a public planning event at the Hiedanranta Garden Party on 19th of August 2023 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Lielahti Manor area of Hiedanranta (address: Tehdaskartanonkatu 38).

Park plans (in Finnish)

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