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Tampere Day

Tampere was established on 1 October 1779 by Gustav III, the King of Sweden. Tampere celebrates this occasion every year on the first of October and the closest weekend to that date. Events of the day are organised by the city and by numerous third sector actors.

Join the celebrations 1st of October, 2019

Tampere Day celebrations will take place during the last weekend of September, from Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th, and on Tuesday the 1st of October. Anyone interested in organizing an event in celebration of Tampere is welcome to do so! Programme submissions will open in May.

This year is Tampere City's 240th birthday and as a part of the celebrations, the route along the Tammerkoski Rapids will turn into a public exhibition area for different types of art.

For more information regarding Tampere Day

Cultural Affairs of City of Tampere
Coordinator Marianne Luoma Tel. 040 706 2382

Tampere 240 – Art along the Tammerkoski Rapids

Tampere celebrates its 240th anniversary on 1 October 2019. The jubilee year will be celebrated for 240 hours through arts and culture in a 10-day event organised by the City of Tampere between 27 September and 6 October 2019. The public art entity that will be constructed around the new Tammerkoski shore route will be an essential part of the celebrations. The aim is that the shore route will offer artistic experiences and become a special passage to both local residents and tourists visiting the city.

In recent years, Tampere has developed in various ways and its reputation as one of Finland's leading cultural and event cities has strengthened. In addition to a wide selection of events and cultural experiences, tourists are attracted to Tampere by the city's attractive atmosphere. The cityscape and national landscape of the Tammerkoski Rapids will be invigorated in the autumn of 2019 through various art forms. We invite professional visual, light, sound, performing and performance artists, as well as students and educational institutions, to offer artworks for inclusion in the jubilee year celebrations.

Call for Proposals

We are searching for works that can be displayed for 240 hours or momentarily. The goal of Tampere 240 is to be a multi-genre entity; hence, we invite entries from a wide range of fields, such as visual and audio arts, music, various performing and participatory arts, and workshops. Both new and existing artworks can be proposed for the event. We may also invite artists to the event.

You can find the instructions regarding how to apply and how to submit your proposlas in the PDF-file below:

Below you can find a PDF-map introducing possible locations along the Tammerkoski Rapids. The locations are introductory and directional, the final areas will be decided later and in relation to the proposed works.

The proposals must be submitted by Sunday 10 March 2019
Please submit your proposal by email to: tampere240(at)

Unfortunately we cannot reply to all proposals.

For more information regarding Tampere 240

Coordinator, Cultural Affairs of City of tampere
Venla Moisala Tel. 050 523 2134