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Smart Tampere will shift focus towards sustainability and business co-operation

Published 10.9.2018 12.06

The Smart Tampere programme by the City of Tampere will be reformed after 20 months of running. It will focus more on sustainability and even more effort is put into business co-operation. In the future, the programme will consist of three parts: digitalisation programme that aims for digitalising the city services, ecosystem programme that aims to create new business models, and the new part, sustainable Tampere programme that aims to make the city carbon neutral.

- Smart Tampere programme actions and projects will be distributed better between different city departments. The coordination of the ecosystem programme is moved to the Tampere Region Economic Development Agency known as Business Tampere, says Teppo Rantanen, Director of Growth, Innovation and Competitiveness at the City of Tampere. He thanks Tero Blomqvist, who has been leading the ecosystem programme up to now, for the great effort and commitment.

The new director of the ecosystem programme is Mr Seppo Haataja from Business Tampere.

- Creating new business models and opportunities, networking and internationalisation have even greater emphasis now than before in the ecosystem programme. These are put into action especially under the themes renewing industry, smart mobility, safety, artificial intelligence and connectivity, says Business Tampere CEO Harri Airaksinen.

Director of the sustainable Tampere programme will be Chief Sustainability Officer Kari Kankaala, City of Tampere. As Director of the Digitalisation programme will continue to be Chief Information Officer Jarkko Oksala. Each programme have Programme Managers that are Mrs Niina Siipola from Business Tampere for the ecosystem programme, Mrs Mia Vaelma from the City of Tampere for digitalisation programme and Mr Pauli Välimäki from the City of Tampere for the sustainable Tampere programme.

- Smart Tampere has grown into a strong and international brand and I believe that reforming the programme will further strengthen the position of Tampere in the company of smart and sustainable cities, says Teppo Rantanen.

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