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Tampere Ambassadors

Tampere Ambassadors are a group of internationally oriented professionals from various fields, who share a love for Tampere.

Ambassador is an honorary title. It is a token of the Ambassadors’ close relations to a city that is important to them and of their will to be part of its story. We wish to tell the story of Tampere to the entire world, and via the Ambassadors, Tampere creates opportunities to become even more international and increase international awareness of the city.

Tampere Ambassadors are internationally renowned researchers, pioneers in the business sector, influential players in culture and sports, as well as international experts. They are professionals working in Tampere, or experts who come from Tampere and work abroad. The Ambassador network provides a large range of opportunities for various kinds of professionals. What matters the most is the Ambassadors’ will to be part of Tampere’s growth story and their enthusiasm in providing information, in their networks, on the numerous opportunities that Tampere has to offer.

Concept of the programme

The Ambassadors are influential people– inspiring and enthusiastic professionals who are active in their own networks. They have a strong relation to Tampere and a will to advocate Tampere. The Ambassador activities open up an opportunity to join the network of professionals from various fields and to participate in events meant for the network.

The Ambassador activities are divided into various subareas. The Ambassadors represent the following fields of expertise: culture, sports, business, international congresses, international talents and students, and higher education institutions.

Professionals from various fields are annually invited to the Ambassador network. Moreover, Talent Ambassador subprogram carries out an open application round annually. The next application round runs in autumn 2021.

You will find more detailed presentation of the subprogrammes by clicking the tabs above.

Further information:

Pekka Pernu Tel. +358 41 730 2598