Neighbourhood Programme of the Kaukajärvi and Annala districts

The Neighbourhood Programme will be carried out in Kaukajärvi and Annala in the years 2023-2025.   The core of the Neighbourhood Programme is to promote the attractiveness and wellbeing of the area in line with Tampere Strategy 2030. The Neighbourhood Programme of Kaukajärvi and Annala promotes the amenities and safety of the area, a diversity of housing options as well as the inclusion and communal spirit of its residents and stakeholders.  

The Neighbourhood Programme coordinates cross-sectoral neighbourhood development and supports the targeting of new development activities in the area. In addition to all the city's sectors, the district programme involves the Pirkanmaa Welfare Region, residents, third sector actors and businesses in the area.

Live like in a small town - developing Kaukajärvi and Annala together

A neighbourhood vision "Live like in a small town" has been created as a guideline for development. Extensive background work was carried out in cooperation to prepare the ground for the vision, and concrete operational programme for the next few years were put together to implement the vision. Around 2000 residents and 100 actors were involved in the process during 2023.

The themes of the shared vision are nature, community and vitality. According to the current info, 34 different development activities will be implemented during the period of the neighbourhood programme under these three themes. In addition, there are ideas for development activities whose possible implementation is still being examined.

Henna Kuitunen
Project manager, Neighbourhood Programme of the Kaukajärvi and Annala districts
Sini Lempinen
Project planner
Updated 7.3.2024