This summer we are farming in a community garden in Kaukajärvi

A temporary community garden will be set up in the yard of Kaukajärvi school for the summer season 2024. People from Kaukajärvi and Annala who are interested in the topic are now being invited to become growers in the community garden.
A garden. Plants in boxes in front, pallets on the background.
Part of the yard of the Kaukajärvi school will be a community garden in summer 2024.

The Kaukajärvi community garden will consist of a total of 60 growing boxes, some of which will be for the farmers' own use and some for shared use. Thirty smaller communal boxes will also be brought in for salads and herbs.

Anyone living in the Kaukajärvi or Annala area can apply to join in the gardening. The selected farmers will be given a box for the whole summer. No previous skills are required, but you can learn how to grow with others during the growing season.

The season starts with a joint planting workshop at the end of April at the Kaleva Urban Cultivation Centre and continues with an opening ceremony in early summer in Kaukajärvi. A gardener will be on on site once a week throughout the summer to help the farmers. 

Two guided workshops will be organised during the summer, the details of these workshops will be agreed with the farmers. The activities will last until summer 2024 and will culminate in a joint harvest and dinner in September. 

A community garden creates a welcoming atmosphere and brings people together
- The aim of the community garden is to make the area more welcoming and community-oriented, and to promote the involvement of children and young people. We welcome this opportunity to provide more community activities for people in the area," says the Neighbourhood Programme project manager Henna Kuitunen. 

The Kaukajärvi and Annala Neighbourhood Programme will be implemented between 2023 and 2025 and will promote the vision of "live like in a small town", created with the residents and stakeholders of the area. The vision is aiming for a vibrant, community-based and nature-oriented district.

Further information

Henna Kuitunen
Development coordinator
041 730 6693
Photos: Tuomas Ilander
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