For people expecting a baby

Check-ups during pregnancy and with a newly born baby

You should contact the maternity clinic when you are no longer having your period and have taken a positive pregnancy test. The first visit to the public health nurse happens during weeks 7 to 9, and the first medical examination with a doctor happens during weeks 14 to 18. Maternity clinic services are free of charge for mothers in Tampere who are pregnant and have recently given birth, as well as for fathers and newborn children.

Maternity clinic visits include regular check-ups by a public health nurse, usually two check-ups by a doctor during pregnancy and a follow-up after giving birth. Ultrasound examinations during pregnancy and special follow-up examinations are done at the maternal ultrasound clinic. Check-ups during early pregnancy are usually done every 4 to 6 weeks. Starting from the 30th week, check-ups are done every 3 to 5 weeks. Then starting from the 36th or 37th week, check-ups are done every other week.

The first check-up of the mother and the newborn after delivery is done at home or at the maternity clinic, depending on the situation. The mother’s final check-up at the maternity clinic is done by a doctor and a public health nurse about 6 to 8 weeks after the baby is born, but no later than 12 weeks after.

Electronic maternity card iPana Äitiys

The maternity clinics and the maternity ultrasound clinic in Tampere use an electronic maternity card for monitoring pregnancy. The service makes it easier to share information between the client, maternity clinic and delivery hospital, because the iPana Äitiys card is also used in the Tays hospital.

Maternity grant and maternity, paternity and parental allowance

To receive the maternity grant, you must visit a maternity clinic for a check-up before the 4th month of pregnancy ends. You can choose to receive the maternity grant as the maternity package or a cash sum.

In order for your family to be eligible for family benefits, which are made up of maternity, paternity and parental allowance, you have to submit an application to your local Kela office or the employees’ sick fund at your workplace at least two months before the calculated due date. In order to receive parental allowance at the right time, you (the mother) must get a check-up by a doctor 5 to 12 weeks after delivery.

When you are applying for family benefits, include the certificate of pregnancy you get from the maternity clinic. You will get the certificate from a public health nurse at the clinic after your pregnancy has lasted 154 days. Ask your maternity clinic for more information.

Acknowledgement of the paternity of an unborn child and investigating and confirming maternity

The paternity of an unborn child can already be acknowledged at the maternity clinic during pregnancy if the mother is not married, is in an established relationship and/or lives together with the father of the future child.

According to the Maternity Act, a child may have two mothers since birth. The mother of a child is the person who has given birth to the child (the birth mother). The female partner (marriage, registered partnership or cohabitation) of a mother giving birth to a child does not automatically become a parent of the child when the child is born. A second parent can be confirmed for a child when a couple has had a child together through fertility treatment, where both have given their consent to the treatment.

In Tampere, the child welfare officers of family law services take care of matters related to the examination and acknowledgement of paternity.

Family coaching and antenatal coaching

Group family coaching organised by the maternity clinic gives families basic information on relationships, parenthood, breastfeeding and caring for a newborn. Each family gets a separate programme and timetable for attending the course.

Ekavauva service for first time parents

Families expecting their first child have the opportunity to have a family worker visit their home for a total of three times. One visit happens before the baby is born and two visits happen shortly after birth and within three months in any case. The Ekavauva employees are trained family workers. The Ekavauva service is free of charge for families.

Child health clinic psychologists

Child health clinic psychologists help the clients of maternity and child health clinics.

Updated 29.5.2022