Mansen Massit Community Grant to support residents' own activities

The City of Tampere's new Mansen Massit Community Grant will support community activities carried out by residents, associations and communities across the city. The people of Tampere vote to decide which activities will receive Community Grant money. This ensures that the Mansen Massit Grant is allocated to the activities that best meet the needs of the residents. You can apply for the Community Grant in April.

The City of Tampere has plenty of grants to enable a wide range of activities, from cultural activities to sports and from leisure activities to environmental activities.

– This year we are testing a new funding instrument, the Manse Massit Community Grant, says Lotta Harsunen, a planning officer for the City of Tampere.

You can get Mansen Massit Community Grant for community activities that have not received any other grant. In addition to associations and communities, individual residents can apply for the money.

The Mansen Massit Community Fund is intended for events and activities organised by the people of Tampere. The aim is to bring people together, boost the vitality of the city and increase the well-being of its residents. The Mansen Massit activities must be free of charge for the participants.

– Tampere residents decide how the money is allocated by voting. This will ensure that the Community Grant is used to provide what the people of Tampere want, says Lotta Harsunen.

Apply for the grant in April

Associations, communities and residents can apply for the Mansen Massit Community Grant.

You can apply for a grant for small or large events and activities that take place in Tampere. Depending on the nature of the activity, Community Grant money can range from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros.

The application for the Mansen Massit Community Grant will be open from 2 April to 29 April 2024. You can apply using the online application form, which will be available on the city's website in April.

– You can make a lot of things happen with Mansen Massit! For example, you can organise open picnic events in a local park, mini-festivals of young talents in your own area, summer parties in your neighbourhood, multicultural events or even clubs or hobby groups for older people, says Lotta Harsunen.

– What fun could you do in Tampere with a grant? The grant can be used until autumn 2025, says Harsunen.

Residents vote on who gets the grant

In May, the people of Tampere will vote to decide which activities will receive the Mansen Massit Community grant.

The vote will take place on the city's website from 20 May to 2 June 2024.

– Voting is a way for us to know that the grant is going to the kind of activities that many people want, says Harsunen.

The grant will be given to the proposals that receive the greatest number of votes. The Community Grant is paid before the event or activity takes place. The total amount available for the Mansen Massit Community Grant is €140 000.

– We will be presenting the Mansen Massit Community Grant at Tampere Residents’ Evenings during March and April. You're warmly welcome to join us for these evenings to find out more and to discuss whether you could apply for the money to implement your own idea, says Lotta Harsunen.  

Further information

Lotta Harsunen
Planning Officer
040 568 6122
Text: Johanna Kurela
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