Tampere Residents' Evenings begin – you are welcome to learn about the new Mansen Massit Community Grant

This spring, the Tampere City is having nine residents' evenings around the city. At the Tampere Residents’ Evenings, you will learn about the new Mansen Massit Community Grant and you will have the chance to share your experiences of your own neighbourhood. All are welcome to attend. The event in Hervanta on 16.4.2024 will be in both Finnish and English.

– We have good news to share with the people of Tampere, says Jarno Koskinen, Regional Coordinator of the City of Tampere.

– This spring, we will be touring the city extensively, as we want to introduce the new Mansen Massit Community Grant to as many Tampere residents as possible. Residents, local associations and communities can apply for the grant for a wide range of activities open to all, Koskinen continues.


Nine evenings across the city

The Tampere Residents’ Evenings vary in different parts of the city.

Each evening will feature two 15-minute information sessions on the Mansen Massit Community Grant at 18.00 and 18.45. These will be followed by an opportunity to brainstorm and discuss what kind of activities residents would like to see and would be willing to implement in their area. 

At the Hervanta residents' evening, the first presentation will be in Finnish and the second in English. Other events are mainly in Finnish.

The other topic of the Tampere evenings will be residents' experiences of their own home area. Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences of what is good or bad in their neighbourhood. This information will be used in the city's well-being and regional work.

Some of the evenings will also feature music performances and presentations by local associations and other organisations. The Hervanta residents' evening will include a children's corner, where children can draw and share their views on their home area.

– The events are informal. You can drop in at a time that suits you and stay for a short or long time, says Regional Coordinator Koskinen.

– We hope that local associations and other organisations will let us know in advance if they are coming, so that we can reserve a presentation space for them. Otherwise, no registration is required. Welcome!


Tampere Residents’ Evenings in Spring 2024

All events are from 17.30 to 19.30.

  • 12.3.2024 Kaukajärvi: Kaukajärvi Leisure Centre, Käätykatu 8, 33710 Tampere​​
  • 14.3.2024 Härmälä: Kuuselakeskus​​, Nuolialantie 46, 33900 Tampere
  • 19.3.2024 Keskusta: Sampola​​, Sammonkatu 2, 33540 Tampere
  • 21.3.2024 Vuores: Vuores-talo​​, Rautiolanrinne 2, 33870 Tampere
  • 27.3.2024 Lielahti: Lielahtikeskus​​, Antti Possin kuja 1, 33400 Tampere
  • 4.4.2024 Linnainmaa: Koilliskeskus​​, Liikekatu 3, 33580 Tampere
  • 9.4.2024 Tesoma: Tesoma Wellbeing Centre,​​ Tesomankatu 4, 33310 Tampere
  • 16.4.2024 Hervanta: Hervanta Library, Insinöörinkatu 38, 33720 Tampere​​ - evening in both Finnish and English
  • To 18.4.2024 Teisko: Kämmenniemi School​​, Paavolantie 4, 34240 Tampere

The events will be based on the Safer Space Principles.

Further information

Jarno Koskinen
Regional Coordinator
040 806 3987
Text: Johanna Kurela
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