There is still time to apply for the Mansen Massit Community Grant

The Mansen Massit Community Grant is a new way for the City of Tampere to support the activities of local people. Associations, communities and residents can apply for Community Grants for events and activities that bring joy and life around the city. The activities must be self-organised, strengthen community spirit, be open to all and free of charge for participants. The deadline for applications for Community Grants is Monday 29 April 2024 at 15.45.

The Mansen Massit Community Grant can be used to organise small or large-scale events or activities. It can be obtained for individual events in Tampere, but also for long-term activities. The money can be used to carry out activities up to autumn in 2025.

In addition to associations and organisations, the Manse Massit Community grant is open to adult individuals.

You can get money for activities you carry out yourself, from a few hundred to thousands of euros. Individuals can receive up to €1,000 and associations up to €10,000, for a total of €140,000.

Applications for Community Grants can be made using the online form on the city's website. The deadline for applications is Monday 29 April 2024 at 15.45.

The recipients of the Mansen Massit Community Grant will be decided by vote. The voting period is 20.5.-2.6.2024. Anyone living in Tampere can vote. The vote will ensure that the money is allocated to the kind of activities that the people of Tampere want. Those who receive the most support in the vote will receive the Community grant.

Further information

Lotta Harsunen
Planning Officer
040 568 6122
Text: Johanna Kurela
Photos: Jarno Koskinen
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