The supreme decision-making body in the City of Tampere is the City Council with its 67 members. Council members and their deputies are elected in a municipal election held every four years.

The City Board administers the municipality and manages its finances. Furthermore, the City Board prepares and implements the decisions taken by the City Council and ensures that they comply with the current legislation.

The Mayor serves as the chair of the City Board. The Mayor determines the guidelines for preparation of matters presented to the City Board and manages the operation, administration and finances of the City subordinated to the City Board.

Central Administration manages the central administration of the City. It serves as the Mayor’s office responsible for preparation of Group duties. Central Administration manages planning, preparation and implementation duties of the City Council, the City Board and the City’s other administrative bodies as necessary, and other administrative tasks.

In terms of administration, services provided by the City are located in three service branches: education services; vitality services; and urban environment and infrastructure services.