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Central administration

Central Administration guides, supervises and supports the operation of the entire City Group. Central Administration is responsible for ensuring that units of the City Group implement the City’s strategy and operate in the best way possible regarding the entire concern. The duties of Central Administration extend to the City’s basic organisation as well as to organisations and foundations where the City is an owner or exercises control.

Central Administration has, directly subordinate to the Mayor, the Group Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Mayors, Internal Auditing, and the Mayor’s office.

Subordinated to Group Chief Executive Officer Juha Yli-Rajala are the directors of education and culture services; growth, innovation and competitiveness services; and urban environment and infrastructure services, and their offices.

There are also seven group units guiding and supporting the operation of the entire City and development under Group Chief Executive Officer: administrative and support services, human resources, legal affairs, corporate governance, strategy and development, budgeting and ICT.

The Group Chief Executive Officer

  • manages the operation of the City and City Group as an official subordinated to the Mayor
  • serves as the presenting official for the City Board and its Corporate Section
  • serves as the supervisor for directors of service branches and directors of Group units
  • is responsible for managing the operation of Central Administration, and for preparation and implementation of matters subordinated to the City Board.