Tampere’s parks have some 200 open playgrounds for everyone to use. Basic playground equipment for 0–12-year-olds is available at city block parks. There is often a small field for ball games next to the playgrounds. The playgrounds at city block parks are generally to serve the local residents.

Larger, more versatile playgrounds are located at the district parks and larger regional parks. These parks have fields, fitness equipment or places for particular sports for people of different ages.

In addition to park playgrounds, schools and day-care centres also have their own playgrounds. 

There is also a children’s traffic park at Kaleva.

Popular playgrounds

The most central and best known playground is the Pikku Kakkonen Playground in Koskipuisto Park, which is themed after the popular children’s TV programme of the same name. Opposite Tammelantori, you can find the versatile playground at Emil Aaltonen Park. There are also devices designed for people with impaired mobility and vision. 

The environment of beautiful Sorsapuisto Park also has a popular playground, and the Tiitiäinen Fairytale Park at Näsinpuisto is there to bring joy to children. This park is themed after poet Kirsi Kunnas’ Tiitiäisen satupuu poems, combining both art and function. 

There are also other versatile playgrounds in the city centre, such as in Väinö Linna Park in Amuri, Osmonpuisto in Tammela and Saukonpuisto in Kaleva.

On the eastern part of Koskipuisto Park is the Pikku Kakkonen playground, which is popular with children. The playground is Tampere's most famous playground, and its central theme is the familiar characters from Pikku Kakkonen.
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Koskipuisto, in the corner of Pellavatehtaankatu and Kyttälänkatu 

The fenced and gated playground has separate play islands for younger and older children.
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Sorsapuisto, the southern side of Lähteenkatu

The playground at the southern end of the park has been fitted with equipment designed for disabled children but suitable for use by all.
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Aaltosenkatu 26, 33500 Tampere

Located right next to the swimming centre and the outdoor swimming pool, the traffic park offers fun things to do for summer days.
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Joukahaisenkatu 10, 33540 Tampere

Tittytumpkin’s Fairytale Park was constructed in Näsinpuisto Park to replace the former playground, opening to the public in November 2013. The park is a themed playground based on the poems of ‘Tittytumpkin’s Fairy Tree’, by Kirsi Kunnas, and it brings together art and functionality.