Pikku Kakkonen Playground

On the eastern part of Koskipuisto Park is the Pikku Kakkonen playground, which is popular with children. The playground is Tampere's most famous playground, and its central theme is the familiar characters from Pikku Kakkonen.

Koskipuisto, in the corner of Pellavatehtaankatu and Kyttälänkatu 

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The playground is divided into two parts: the city and the forest, with each part containing equipment and structures that fit the theme. The city's key themes are cities for small and large children, each equiped with climbing frames and slides.

The city for small children has artificial grass and their own urban landscape complete with streets, housing blocks and cars. The city for older kids has a modern train and the Ransun Puskii boat, as well the police car of Maltti and Valtti. To provide some adventure for older kids and teenagers, there is also a rope track, a climbing net and a climbing pole. The climbing frame is also home to several of the Pikku Kakkonen characters. The special equipment available includes a dancing game and a skateboard. There is also workout equipment for adults.

On the west side of the playground, the forest-themed area contains forms and structures familiar from nature. The artificial grass ridge marks the edge of the area and offers climbing opportunities. The area has a large swinging frame, a sandbox, animal-themed spring sculptures and a Kaarlo-frog wooden sculpture familiar from Pikku Kakkonen. The area also has a picnic area and a drinking water dispenser. The special lighting helps to create a forest-like atmosphere.

There is a summer kiosk next to the park.

Updated 3.4.2023