Tittytumpkin’s Fairytale Park

View from a playground. In the foreground, a blue atom-shaped climbing frame with a small slide in the background and coniferous trees behind them.
Tittytumpkin’s Fairytale Park was constructed in Näsinpuisto Park to replace the former playground, opening to the public in November 2013. The park is a themed playground based on the poems of ‘Tittytumpkin’s Fairy Tree’, by Kirsi Kunnas, and it brings together art and functionality.

Location on map

The playground does not rely on ready-made equipment, but offers opportunities for children to play and try things out in their own way. In the heart of the playground, there is a reading corner arranged around the fairy tale tree, with seats such as a giant armchair and stools shaped like magician's hats. Next to the reading place there is a shadow theatre which also serves as a drawing wall and area for games. When it rains, playing children can take shelter under the green shelter. The large sandbox and water point allow for a variety of water and sand games.

In the northern part of the playground, there is a play area for older children with a versatile climbing net and a swing that hangs over a surface that presents the stars of the sky. In addition, the park is also home to many of the characters from Tittytumpkin’s Fairy Tree: Jaakko Vaakko Vesirotta, Tunteellinen Siili and the Haitulat hidden in the park. On the flagpole flutters the flag of magician Pi Poo, which also announces to faraway lands the existence of the Fairytale Park.

The special lighting helps to create a fairytale-like atmosphere. The floor lamp in the reading corner, spotlights in the shadow theatre and star lights in the climbing net bring the Fairytale Park to life even in the dark.

Updated 30.5.2024