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Innovative Hiedanranta

Hiedanranta will be created with the help of innovations and cooperation

In the vision, Hiedanranta becomes an attractive lakeside district for 25,000 residents and 10,000 employees. Innovations and cooperation will be required for creating an inspiring, vibrant, smart and sustainable city district – a CO2 negative Hiedanranta, which will produce more than it consumes. Innovative Hiedanranta already functions as a development environment and a cooperation platform for smart and sustainable urban development projects and experiments.

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The future Hiedanranta will comprise three subareas: the centre, the Lake City and the New Lielahti. The objective is to create homes for 25,000 residents and 10,000 jobs in the district.

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Networking breakfast for businesses operating in the fields of circular economy, sustainability and smart technology in Hiedanranta

In 2019, two low-threshold networking breakfasts will be organised for businesses operating in the fields of circular economy, sustainability and smart technology. These businesses are located in Hiedanranta and they are connected to its development. If you identify your company from this description, you will find more detailed information and registration instructions on the webpages that present the Hiedanranta innovation events.

BREEAM Communities – Sustainable planning of Hiedanranta

BREEAM Communities, which is an international procedure for the assessment and steering of area development projects, has been launched in order to support the planning of Hiedanranta. The objective is to ensure that the progress – both in the master planning phase and in the local detailed planning phase – takes place adhering to sustainable development. The criteria adopted by the BREEAM Communities method are connected to social, ecological and economic sustainability. After the completion of Hiedanranta Master Plan, the intention is to apply for a preliminary certificate for the planning of Hiedanranta. An actual certificate can be applied for a completed local detailed planning area. Sitowise Oy, a framework contract partner of the City of Tampere, has led the Hiedanranta BREEAM Communities process, in cooperation with experts from various fields.

Innovation activities

Innovation activities

In Hiedanranta, you can experiment and develop. Are you interested in a circular economy? Are you looking for partners or a test environment? Do you want to participate in shaping a district of the future? Familiarise yourself with topical development themes and find your way to participate.

Where we are now

Hiedanranta timeline


The City of Tampere buys the former areas of the Lielahti factory


Ideas for the development of the area from businesses and residents


The gates of Hiedanranta are opened

International ideas competition


Ideas competition results

Local master plan for the inner city


Master planning of the area


Local detailed plans for the tramway

The first block plans

Completion of the tramway

Residents move to the area

...The planning and construction will continue approximately until 2050


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Reijo Väliharju Tel. 050 388 0901

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