City bike season starts on Monday 15 April – new app published

On Monday 15 April 2024 starts the new city bike season, bringing a smoother cycling experience. New locks have been installed on the bikes and a brand new app will be introduced. As a new service, companies can also order city bikes for their employees.

A total of 113 city bike stations will be available this season. New stations will be opened in Rajaportin sauna, Kauppi sports park and Hämeenpuisto, and later in the summer one station will be opened in Rongankatu. During the season, the city bike stations will be displayed in the app and in the Nysse rjourney planner.

New app available for download

The Tampereen kaupunkipyörät app is needed to use the city bikes. The renewed app will be available in the Google Play and App Store app stores from Wednesday 10.4.2024. The new app does not update automatically, so you will need to download it again even if you have the app from last season downloaded on your phone. The old app can be deleted.

The new app is easy to use. Based on last season's user survey, several improvements have been made to the look and feel of the app to make urban cycling smooth and comfortable. Among other things, the new app allows you to view your journeys.

You can buy a city bike licence as soon as you download the app. The purchased period starts from the moment you first use the bike.

The access rights and pricing of the city bikes remain unchanged. A day (24 hours) of use costs €5, a month (30 days) €10 and a full season (until 31 October) €30.

New locking and solar panels

New locks have been installed on the city bikes, powered by solar panels mounted on the bikes' baskets. At the same time, the locking cables have been removed from the bikes.

The new locks, together with the new app, make the deployment and recovery of the city bikes faster and more reliable.

Movement and well-being at work

Companies and organisations can now order city bikes for their employees. The rights sold to companies are of the same length and price as other rights. Orders are placed via the Nysse website. The employer's city bike benefit is a tax-free benefit in kind, similar to a commuting benefit.

The access rights purchased through the business sales are delivered as barcodes, which the company distributes to its employees. The user downloads the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät app on his or her phone, where the pre-code is redeemed and the bikes are used. Any additional charges are the responsibility of the employee, using their own payment card.

City bikes quick guide

  • Download the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät app, register as a user and buy the right to use it.
  • You can buy a day (€5), a month (€10) or the whole season until the end of October (€30). All options include unlimited rides of up to 60 minutes.
  • Open the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät app and select a city bike station on the app map. Unlock the bike by reading the QR code of the bike using the app’s QR code reader. Your phone's location data must be turned on.
  • You can ride the city bike for 60 minutes at a time at no extra charge. Any time over this time will be charged at the rate shown in the price list.
  • The maximum use of the bike at any one time is 5 hours. A late fee of EUR 80 will be charged for any excess time.
  • After the trip, return the bike to any city bike station and end the trip in the app. Lock the bike and wait for confirmation that the trip has ended.
  • Once the season starts, the app will show you all the city bike stations in use and the bikes that are available.

The city bike season starts on Monday 15 April and ends on 31 October.

Text: Elina Mäki
Photos: Tampereen seudun joukkoliikenne, Nysse
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