Medical rehabilitation

Medical rehabilitation refers to rehabilitation and assistive equipment services to promote coping with everyday life that you may receive due to a disability or illness. The rehabilitation is aimed to maintain and improve your physical, psychological and social functional capacity.

The medical rehabilitation office grants payment commitments to assistive equipment and outsourced rehabilitation services you may need when your rehabilitation cannot be carried out with the city’s resources. 

Outsourced medical rehabilitation services include physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, neuropsychological rehabilitation, psychophysical physiotherapy, institutional rehabilitation periods and adaptation training courses.

The medical rehabilitation office grants the rehabilitee the personal assistive equipment recommended in their rehabilitation plan for long-term use or to be owned by the rehabilitee.

Medical rehabilitation services are especially for children, people with long-term illnesses and persons with disabilities and elderly people who are significantly and permanently restricted by a disability or illness. You can apply to become a client with a doctor’s referral.

The medical rehabilitation office does not have a client reception. Instead, decisions are made based on your referral and medical records. The processing time for your application will vary from a few weeks to several months. The service is free of charge.

Contact by phone

You can find the correct phone number based on your postal code. Telephone hours are Mon–Tue and Thurs–Fri 10–12.

33200, 33210, 33230, 33240, 33250, 33270, 33300, 33310, 33330, 33340, 33400, 33410, 33420, 33900:

  • Social worker, telephone 040 806 3997

33560, 33580, 33610, 33680, 33700, 33730, 34240, 34260 and Orivesi:

  • Social worker, telephone 040 806 3996

Central parts of the city
33100, 33180, 33500, 33520, 33530, 33540, 33800, 33820, 33840, 33850:

  • Social worker, telephone 044 481 1526

33710, 33720, 33870:

  • Social worker, telephone 040 806 3999
Updated 16.6.2022