Health care counselling

03 5657 0023, every day between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

If you feel unwell, please contact the health care counselling service by telephone. You will be able to talk to a nurse, who will provide you with useful information. The nurse will also assess whether you require further treatment and tell you where to go for your appointment.

  • You are welcome to discuss all health issues with the nurse.
  • The nurse will help you to manage your condition independently by giving you useful treatment advice. This might help you to avoid having to see a doctor.
  • The nurse can also offer you help and advice if you become unwell suddenly.
  • You can even ask for information on other social and health care services and how to contact them.

Health care counselling serves in Finnish and English. For those who speak other languages, a rapid interpretation service is available.

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Updated 15.6.2022