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Event planning guide

The event planning guide offers plenty of tips and resources on how to organize a public event, for example a festival, sports event, parade, marathon, fair, or concert.

The guide is divided into nine parts, that you can access from the page navigation:

  1. From idea to event: useful information especially for first-time event organizers.
  2. Licences, permits and plans: As soon as you start planning your event, you should find out which licences and permits you need.
  3. Event safety: Event safety in Finland is regulated by various laws and acts.
  4. Event marketing and communications: Tips on how to reach your potential audiences and market your event.
  5. Accessible events: Accessibility significantly improves the quality and appeal of an event.
  6. Sustainable events: Taking responsibility for and caring about the environmental impact of your event is a key asset and a contributor to your image as a responsible event organizer. 
  7. Cleanliness and waste management: A clean venue is a key element that contributes to the atmosphere and attractiveness of your event.
  8. Electricity and water at events: Information on how to get electricity and water for your event.
  9. Event day and post-event responsibilities: The event organiser’s work continues after the event is over.
Updated 20.7.2022