Contact event services

We aim to make Tampere the best place on earth for all kinds of events. Tampere Event Services promotes, supports, coordinates and participates in the event organizing scene in Tampere. All our services are free of charge. If you have any questions about organizing events in Tampere, email us at tapahtumapalvelut (at) or call/email one of the people listed below.

Major events Director of Major Events Perttu Pesä
050 587 6200
Event production Tapahtumapäällikkö Saara Saarteinen
040 801 6222
Event production Tapahtuma-asiantuntija Marko Stenström
050 579 9226
Event production Tapahtumatuottaja Matilda Salminen
040 586 6453
If you don’t know who to call Coordinator Heidi Korkeamäki
040 485 3143
Updated 20.7.2022