Event cabins

Event cabins are movable wooden stalls/booths (Tampere's Christmas market stalls) that can be rented for short-term event use. The cabins can be used for example as info booths or kiosks at events. To rent a cabin, fill in the form linked below (in Finnish). Filling in the form does not guarantee you a cabin, Tampere Event Services will check and confirm all bookings before they are final. The cabins are subject to a fee.

All cabin bookings for the Tampere Christmas Market go through the organizer of the Christmas market.

Before filling in the form, please carefully read the rental conditions and technical info below.

Matilda Salminen
Information on event cabins
040 586 6453

Terms of use

  1. The event cabins are rented by the City of Tampere Event Services. The cabins are intended primarily for temporary event use.
  2. The cabins are rented for the purpose specified by the customer in the booking form. If the purpose differs from that stated in the form, the City of Tampere has the right to terminate the lease without notice or change the rental fee.
  3. The cabins are booked using an online form. Event Services will confirm all bookings before they take effect.
  4. Tampere Event Services must be notified of cancellations no later than one week before the start of the rental period.
  5. The customer can pick up the cabins from Viinikankatu 42-46 in Nekala district in Tampere on weekdays from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. NOTE: Please contact Tampereen Sarka before picking up or returning your cabins. Sarka's employee inspects the cabins before and after the rental period. Sarka's contact person is Hannu Savolainen, foreman, tel. 0500 831 423. Sarka will also give you the keys to your cabin. Keys must be returned to Sarka upon returning the cabins.
  6. The customer is responsible for arranging transportation for the cabin(s) as well as all costs related to the transportation. If the customer fails to return the cabin(s) on the agreed return date, the City of Tampere can order the transportation and add the cost of transportation and its arrangements to the rental invoice.
  7. The cabins must be returned cleaned. The customer can also purchase a cleaning service from Tampere Sarka (see contact information above) in connection with the rental. If the cabin(s) have not been cleaned before returning them, the city will have a cleaning fee added to the rental fee.
  8. The cabins are rented as is, in the condition they are when the customer picks them up. If the customer discovers defects in the cabin(s), the defects must be reported immediately to Tampere Event Services.
  9. If the cabins are damaged during the rental period, all damages must be reported to Tampere Event Services and Tampereen Sarka. The city and the customer will together agree on how the damages will be repaired. If the cabins are returned damaged without informing the city or Tampereen Sarka, the cost of repairs will be added to the rental fee.
  10. Cold counters are available upon request for type A and N cabins. If cold counters are needed, the customer is responsible for securing the counters during transportation. The counters should be fastened to the floor of the cabin with cargo straps.
  11. If cabin keys are lost or not returned, 50 euros per lost key will be added to the rental fee.
  12. No structures (additional shelves, hooks etc.) may be attached to the walls of the cabins. Posters can be attached with small pins that do not leave large holes in the walls. Posters and pins must be removed before returning the cabins
  13. The customer is responsible for the horizontal adjustment of the cabins at the venue where the cabins will be placed. The customer must also check the fastening of the cabin's shelves before using the cabin as the shelves may come loose during transportation.
  14. The customer is responsible for all permits (land use permit, notice of a public event, etc.) and ensures that they are in order before transporting the cabin(s).
  15. The customer or a person representing the customer must be present at the venue upon delivery of the cabins. The customer is responsible for marking a suitable site for the cabins. The customer must ensure an adequate and safe location for the cabins to be delivered to. It is recommended to mark the placement of the cabins on the ground with either chalk or tape so that there is a clearly visible corner sign where the cabins will be placed. The placement should be on level ground, with a height difference of no more than 15 cm over a distance of five meters. There must be no weight restrictions on the road leading to the venue (minimum weight of the combination 30,000 kg). The maximum height of the truck or combination vehicle delivering the cabin(s) must be 4.40 meters. The total length of the combination is either 10 meters or max. 21 meters.
  16. The cabins are not equipped with electrical cables. Cables can either be purchased from electrical stores or rented from rental companies. Electrical cables must be properly protected.
  17. It is not recommended to keep money or valuables in the cabins. The city of Tampere is not responsible for any property that is being kept in the cabins by the customer or any property lost from the cabin during the rental period.
  18. Each party is entitled to compensation for direct damage caused by a breach of contract by the other party. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, the city's liability shall not exceed five (5) times the calculated value of the lease.
  19. Any disputes shall be settled by negotiation. If the parties are unable to solve any kind of dispute, it shall be exclusively referred to the Pirkanmaa District Court.
  20. These terms are valid until further notice.

Technical information

All cabins are equipped with the following:

  • Electrical connection (32A three-phase current, "Power current")
  • electric heating
  • fixed interior lighting
  • removable shelves
  • lockable door
  • front hatches/sales windows
  • protective plexiglass in the sales window

A temporary water tank or water connection can be ordered from Tampere Water, tel. 03 5656 3660.

Technical details

Updated 7.11.2023