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Orimus Daycare Centre

Orimus Daycare Centre

Orimus Daycare Centre provides full-day early childhood education for children aged 0-5 years. The Daycare Centre is located in the same building as the Leinola school.

Orimus Daycare Centre implements a Montessori pedagogy in its activities. In learning new things, the emphasis is on the child's own interests and periods of sensitivity, and the adults guide the children individually. The central principle of Montessori equipment is to support the child's independence and autonomy. The Orimus day care centre is part of the Atala - Leinola - Orimus day care unit. It also includes pre-school education at the Atala and Leinola schools.

Sammalladonkatu 1 33580 Tampere
Daycare centre manager 040 5756120 (phone, local/mobile network fee)

Jouni Lehtinen
Daycare centre manager
040 575 6120
Päivi Rekola
Early childhood education and care assistant manager
050 367 4296
Updated 1.12.2023