Proposed local detailed plan for the Viinikanlahti Bay district connected to the city centre is available for viewing

A decision was made to make the local detailed plan proposal for the new residential area planned for the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi available for viewing in the Tampere Municipal Board on 21 November 2023. The Viinikanlahti Bay is connected to the city centre and is located along the planned tramway extension. It is estimated that approximately 3100 new inhabitants and 250 new jobs will arrive in the area that will be freed from the wastewater treatment plant.
Aerial photo of plans in the new Viinikanlahti area.
An illustration of the content of the proposal for a local detailed plan placed in the aerial photograph.

The Viinikanlahti Bay is located in the area bounded by Pyhäjärvi, Hatanpää highway and Hatanpäänkatu. The shore, which used to serve as an industrial and storage area, is mainly built on fill.

The new Vinikanlahti residential area will form twelve residential blocks grouped around the central square and two block parks in accordance with the plan that won the international idea competition.

In the residential blocks by the shore, the buildings are four to six floors tall. The area’s silhouette rises from the shallow shore towards inland, where the blocks along the streets have tower sections of no more than 12 to 17 floors resting on lower, pedestal-like sections. The residential blocks will have roofyards and terraces.

Specifications and supplements

The proposal for a local detailed plan has been specified throughout after the draft phase has been displayed and extensive feedback has been processed. The studies have been supplemented and changes have been made to pedestrian and bicycle connections and bridges. The regulations for car parks have been clarified and more cityscape regulations have been added. The construction method instruction has been specified.

The school, day-care centre and sports hall block have been re-planned taking the feedback received into account. The regulations and objectives that ensure the greenness of the area have been specified, and the park's protected green area has been expanded. The regulations concerning art in general areas have been reviewed, and an art programme must also be drawn up for the area. The names proposed by the Street Name Commission have been added to the local detailed plan map.

The total floor area of the planning area is approximately 205,000 floor area metres (k-m2), of which the share of housing is approximately 141,000 floor area metres. The total size of the business space is approximately 16,500 k-m2, of which the hotel comprises approximately 7,800 k-m2. Parking is located in two buildings that are a maximum of seven storeys high.

A total of 10,200 k-m2 is reserved for day-care centres, schools, sports halls and youth facilities, rowing and canoeing centres and harbour service facilities. In addition, a sewage pumping station is located in the eastern part of the area. The maximum number of pupils and children in day-care is 425 children, the school is planned to have room for pre-primary education and grades 1-2.

Beach park and services

The shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi has an open coastal route that strengthens the connection to the Hatanpää Arboretum area. The coastal zone will become a public park with a beach, rowing and canoeing centre to be developed for water sports and hobbies, and a playground. A harbour will be located in the middle of the park, serving both people who go boating as well as official activities. The beach also has reserved areas for a sauna and a café.

In the western part of the area, facilities are reserved for schools, day-care centres and sports halls as well as youth facilities and harbour support functions. The shore park extends between residential blocks at two block parks. Block buildings have been placed in connection with block parks, which can be used for example as shared spaces and community housing services.

The location of the area with its traffic connections is also very good in relation to the locations in the city centre. Business space is reserved for the hotel's needs along the Hatanpää highway, and two towers have been reserved for accommodation or an office hotel, for example.

Facilities for a grocery store are proposed for the area next to the Central Square and public transport stops. Another larger commercial space can be built at the street level of the western parking facility. The street floor facilities next to the Central Square and harbour are reserved for smaller shops and services, such as restaurants and their terraces.

Smooth transport connections

Through the new pedestrian and cycling connections in Viinikanlahti Bay, it is possible to streamline the journey towards the city centre, for example, with a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge. Public transport stops are located next to the Central Square and near the Viinikanoja bridge.

Mobility services, shared transport vehicles and energy supply facilities can also be centralised in two shared parking facilities in the area. Playing fields and solar collectors can be placed on the roofs of the car parks. The roads between blocks are designed as low-speed residential roads with short-term parking. The central location and functions of the area enable an active car-free lifestyle.

After industrial use, there has been a water treatment plant in the area. This plant will move to Sulkavuori in 2025, freeing up an area in a great location. Existing buildings will be demolished and land and water areas cleaned, after which a new shoreline and urban environment can be built. It is estimated that the area will be completed by 2035.

Viewing the plan proposal

The proposal for the local detailed plan for Viinikanlahti Bay is available from 23 November 2023 to 5 January 2024 on the city's website. Notes on the plan can be submitted to the city's registry.

You can view the plan at Siluetti on Monday 4 December 2023 from 15:00 to 17:00 (urban development and planning showroom, Hatanpään valtatie 7, bus station building). The local detailed planner and other persons responsible for the project will present plans and other material. A scale model and videos will also be on display. You can arrive for the event at a time that is most convenient to you.

The municipal council will approve the plan proposal in due course, after which the matter will be passed onto the City Board and the City Council for decision.

Further information

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Text: Anna-Leea Hyry
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