TAYS Adult Psychiatry Ward received Good Construction Award 2023

The Good Construction Award 2023 was awarded to Tampere University Central Hospital's (TAYS) Adult Psychiatry Ward, which is a building located in the Kauppi hospital area. This year, the public was also allowed to vote for their favourites, and the most votes were received by the Näsi Park Bridge.
TAYS Adult Psychiatry Ward.
TAYS Adult Psychiatry Ward facade (Photo: Arco Architecture Company)

The recipient of the award was selected by the Environment and Construction Board of the City of Tampere Community Committee. The winner was announced at the PIRA event organised by the Pirkanmaan Rakentajat construction association on 7 November 2023.

The award-winning building takes the needs of staff and customers into account

The building of the TAYS Adult Psychiatry Ward is located in the Central Hospital area in Kauppi, at the address Hoitajantie 8. The large building is divided into several sections that are connected by a lush and pleasant courtyard. The building received praise for paying attention to the needs of staff and customers and creating a warm environment for recovery.
The Adult Psychiatry Ward was jointly designed by Swedish C.F Møller Architects and Finnish Arco Architecture Company. It was built by a consortium made up of Alasen Rakennus Oy and Aki Hyrkkönen Oy.

–The stylish building is well suited for the landscape, which is supported by the material choices on the façades.  In addition to this, the building has visibly been implemented with care, explains Matti Höyssä, Chair of the Environment and Construction Board.

Näsi Park Bridge received the most votes from the public

This year, a public vote on the award was organised for the first time, with more than a thousand responses. Näsi Park Bridge, which connects Särkänniemi Amusement Park and the Ranta-Tampella district, was the public’s favourite. Näsi Park Bridge offers residents a new place for meeting, exercising, spending time and admiring the views that open up to Lake Näsijärvi and the rapids.

The Park Bridge was built on a former road bridge by innovatively utilising the existing structures.  Cars were redirected from the Paasikiven-Kekkosentie road to the lakeside tunnel in 2016, after which new uses were planned for Näsi Bridge.  The designer of Näsi Park Bridge is Landscape Architecture Office Maanlumo Ltd and the constructor is Tampereen Puutarha-Center Oy.  The Park Bridge was developed by the City of Tampere.

Other nominees were the residential building Monza Härmälänranta, South Hervanta School, and the Naistenlahti 3 power plant 

The candidates for this year’s Good Construction Award were of high quality and represented different construction sites diversely.  The nominees included a hospital building, a park bridge, a residential building, a school building and an industrial building.  

Housing company Monza Härmälänranta's block of flats received praise for clean and timeless housing architecture. The façades of the building are made of bricks laid on-site. The block of flats has shared spaces that support communality and a community building made of logs in the courtyard. 

The South Hervanta school and daycare centre building, which was introduced in the autumn, was considered a functional whole in which art has been successfully implemented as a part of architecture.
The Naistenlahti 3 power plant was praised for its exceptionally high-quality main façade. The illumination highlights the building nicely in the cityscape.

The winning project must comply with the principles of Tampere Architecture Programme

The award may be granted to a building or other built environment project that complies with the principles of the Tampere Architecture Programme.  The award jury pays attention to the building's architecture, sustainability, cooperation in the project and innovativeness.


The courtyard of the new TAYS adult psychiatry building.
The courtyard of the new TAYS adult psychiatry building. (Photo: City of Tampere)
Resting chairs, a swing and planting on the Näsi Park bridge.
Näsi Park Bridge (Photo: Emilia Narmio)
Näsi Park Bridge from the air.
Näsi Park Bridge fron the air. (Photo: Tommi Penttinen)

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Text: Tarja Nikupaavo-Oksanen
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