Tampere Metaverse Vision 2040 Unveils the Potential of a Future City Leveraging Advanced Technologies

The Tampere Metaverse Vision 2040 conceptualizes and presents the possibilities of the metaverse for future urban development, including aspects such as citizens' well-being and climate actions. This publication is the result of the Data-Driven City for Citizens -development program by the City of Tampere, in partnership with London-based The Metaverse Institute.
Yläilmakuva Nokia Arenasta ja Tampereen keskustasta kesällä.
Tampere Metaverse Vision 2040 primarily serves as a tool for urban development and Tampere's workforce. It offers a glimpse into what the city could become in the 2040s.

The Tampere Metaverse Vision 2040 investigates how a metaverse environment composed of various intelligent technologies can be utilized as support for the happiness of citizens, urban governance, sustainability, equality, well-being, and healthcare. This visionary outlook of the future has been realized in collaboration with The Metaverse Institute.

The concept of metaverse holds current relevance for the city of Tampere. It was a central theme at the Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference held at the Nokia Arena in June 2023.

–Metaverse intertwines numerous themes and concepts that are already being pursued and those on the horizon, such as data utilization, digital twins, virtual realities, and artificial intelligence. Hence, the concept is now prominently emerging. For us, the metaverse is not merely a virtual realm, but a continually evolving digital environment seamlessly integrated into the real city, explains Tiia Joki, Development Manager at the City of Tampere, offering insight into the background of Metaverse Vision 2040.

Intelligent Solutions in Support of Human-Centered Approaches

Tampere Metaverse Vision 2040 portrays various future scenarios that provide solutions for both local and global challenges. The vision depicts a future Tampere where artificial intelligence enhances citizens' well-being by enabling more efficient solutions and personalized services, particularly in education, well-being, and urban environments. The vision envisions that in two decades, metaverse could facilitate tailored housing solutions for individuals and improve citizens' sense of safety and security.

In this future urban vision, citizens have increased opportunities for influencing decision-making processes. Metaverse has the potential to usher in more participatory urban governance, leading to services that more effectively cater to people's needs.

The future vision emphasizes the impact of metaverse on the economy and equality. The vision outlines a scenario for the 2040s where companies, tourists, and immigrants can explore the city, learn the language, and engage with business stakeholders even before physically arriving in the city.

According to Tampere Metaverse Vision 2040, as technology advances, the metaverse could provide a solution for achieving a carbon-neutral city. By utilizing digital twins that model the real world, various alternative perspectives can be simulated. This enables authorities, stakeholders, and city residents to test the impact of their everyday choices on people, economy, and the environment.

Metaverse as a Tool for Future Urban Planning

Tampere Metaverse Vision 2040 primarily serves as a tool for urban development and Tampere's workforce. It offers a glimpse into what the city could become in the 2040s.

–As a city organization, we need to be at the forefront of development. The vision provides guidelines for what could be possible in future Tampere. Our collaboration partners in the business sector, both existing and potential, also benefit from these metaverse guidelines. This is the direction we are headed towards through joint efforts and learning, describes Teppo Rantanen, Executive Director of Growth, Innovation and Competitiveness at the City of Tampere.

–With the exponential development of AI, metaverse, digital twins, quantum technologies and other cutting edge technologies, it is increasingly important to put the wellbeing of citizens, and the prosperity of the human society at the centre of any kind of digital future we are developing. We are delighted to work with the City of Tampere to develop such a forward-thinking vision. Together we are developing pragmatic solutions, looking closely at how these technologies can support the happiness, sustainability, equality, health and wellbeing of our people. Consideration of effective governance is also crucial, in order to maximise the positive impact of those technologies while minimising their risks. We hope this report can be a starting point for governments worldwide who are considering metaverse technologies, to empower citizens to play a more active role in future city development and help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, says Dr. Christina Yan Zhang, CEO of The Metaverse Institute.

London-based The Metaverse Institute is pioneering international research in the field of metaverse and represents the latest example of the city of Tampere's global collaboration with companies, research, and development institutions.

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Teppo Rantanen

Executive Director of Growth, Innovation and Competitiveness

The City of Tampere


Tiia Joki

Development Manager

The City of Tampere


Updated 21.8.2023: added a comment from Dr. Christina Yan Zhang


Text: Elina Uusitalo
Photos: Jousia Lappi / Visit Tampere
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