Smart Tampere

Smart Tampere

Smart City of People

At Tampere, we harness the power of digitalization and automation to provide services that are accessible anytime, anywhere. Data, technology, and artificial intelligence are our tools, and it is important for us to invite citizens to enrich existing data. Our ultimate goal is to serve the residents and businesses even better.

Tampere is a significant hub for ICT and artificial intelligence, attracting skilled professionals from all over the world. What works here often works elsewhere too. We approach things with a global perspective while keeping Tampere at the heart. Our mission is to take the expertise of Tampere's smart city initiatives to the world and also learn from others.

As a city of innovation, we identify new business and scaling opportunities for smart urban solutions. The entire city serves as a testing ground for us to co-create with partners from around the world. Tampere stands among the pioneers in addressing global challenges.

AI Expertise Network

The Tampere AI ecosystem brings together AI expertise in the Tampere region. Anticipatory and targeted business services enhance the vitality of Tampere. Through timely, high-quality services and data, we support business operations and strive to create a better business world.

Welcome to Tampere

Human-centered service production and data-driven management creates better services for people coming to Tampere.