A quarter of a million people in Tampere – the attractiveness of the city is increasing

Tampere is Finland's most attractive city. According to preliminary data from Statistics Finland in April 2023, there are now 250,353 inhabitants living in Tampere. In 2022, the city grew by a record-breaking 4,786 inhabitants. Net immigration to Tampere has been on the increase.
Principal trumpet player Xiang Guo stands in front of the glass wall of Tampere Hall with his trumpet.
Xiang Guo moved to Tampere in autumn 2022.

Tampere is particularly attractive to students, and the largest age group in Tampere is 20 to 29-year-olds, according to the latest preliminary information from Statistics Finland (2023). The average age of inhabitants is 41.5 years. The proportion of children under the age of 10 has decreased in recent years, and more than half of the households consist of just one person. 

The residents speak at least 160 different languages, the ten most common being Arabic, Chinese, English, Estonian, Farsi, Kurdish, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Swedish. Net immigration to Tampere has been on the increase. The number of foreign-language speakers has steadily increased over the decades, currently being around 9% of the city population.

Xiang Guo also moved to Tampere last autumn. Originally from Qingdao, China, he is now working in the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra as the principal trumpet. He already feels he likes Tampere very much.

“I came to Helsinki to study in 2014, after which I worked there in the Finnish National Opera orchestra and in the Symphony Orchestra,” says Guo. “But I was looking for a Principal Trumpet job of a symphony orchestra. Then a job opened in Tampere, and I had heard that the philharmonic orchestra there has a good standard.”

For the love of nature

In less than six months, Xiang Guo has found his favourite places in Tampere.

“I like all parks, such as the Sorsapuisto park, which is located next to my workplace." He has also taken a liking to the Pyynikki observation tower and the atmosphere of the city centre's old city.

The increased population in Tampere is still small compared to the population in Qingdao.

“The cities have a completely different rhythm of life!” Qingdao has over 9 million inhabitants and this can be clearly seen in the intensity of the city with its busy atmosphere and long distances. “I like Tampere, especially because nature is always nearby when you step out of the door."

Xiang Guo's normal working day starts at 6:30 in the morning. The 97 members of the orchestra practice together until afternoon, after which the players will work on their own parts independently. Usually the week culminates in a concert on Friday night. During his free time, Guo engages in sports and spends time enjoying music.

“I go to the gym and swim, but I also play badminton with my colleagues once a week. And I just started climbing as a hobby. I also like basketball, but I haven't found a suitable team yet. It is also important to have time to talk to friends and listen to music.”

Guo also listens to classical music, naturally, because it is part of his work, but he also enjoys pop and jazz music. He also has time to attend concerts that interest him. He has found some friends at his workplace and from restaurants in Tampere but expects to learn more about the people of Tampere.

According to the results of the well-being survey conducted in spring 2023, eight out of ten people in Tampere feel that their quality of life is good. An equal share feels safe (86%) and comfortable (83%) in their residential area. Most people know their possibilities of exerting influence (96%) and feel that they can participate in cultural events of the area (92%). Nine out of ten also enjoy the walking routes in their area. More than half of the people in Tampere mention the green areas as their favourite places, such as parks and forests and the shores of water bodies. Almost everyone has a hobby in their free time at least once a week, and one in five does voluntary work. A summary of the results of the well-being survey will be published in the last week of May 2023.

People have always moved to Tampere from different parts of Finland and the rest of the world. In Finland, Tampere is particularly well-known for its achievements. The city wants to be sustainable, safe and vibrant so that everyone has the opportunity to realise themselves.

A population projection plan describing the city's expected and desired demographic development has been drawn up for Tampere. According to the planned population projection, the population of Tampere would exceed 300,000 by the end of 2040.

Text: Tiia-Maria Angeli
Photos: Laura Happo
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