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The well-being survey of Tampere´s residents

Well-being of Tampere´s residents is good

Every two years, the city maps the residents' lifestyles, leisure activities and experiences in their own neighbourhoods. In February 2023, 2,800 people responded to the Tampere resident’s well-being survey, 72 per cent of whom were women and 25 per cent men.

According to the results of the well-being survey, residents of Tampere feel that their quality of life, financial situation and health are better than before. They also consider their own residential area safer and more comfortable than two years ago.

On the other hand, the experience of loneliness and the proportion of people who are psychologically significantly burdened have hardly decreased from the coronavirus years. There is also differences in well-being between neighbourhoods and for example only every third respondent felt that they can influence the development of their own neighbourhood. However, the majority would like to live in their current residential areas also in the future.

Important locations are close to home

In the survey, the respondents were able to mark their favourite places, green areas that support well-being, and unsafe and uncomfortable places on the map. The respondents made approximately 12,000 place entries.

Tampere residents' favourite places are parks, forests and beaches, which are mainly located close to home. They are valued for their beauty, natural values, tranquility and exercise opportunities. Green areas are important especially in the middle of the densely built city centre.

Entries that raised concerns are most often related to traffic. Traffic disruptions are experienced not only in one’s own neighbourhood but also in the centre of Tampere. The feeling of insecurity is primarily caused by people behaving in a disruptive manner and the threat of becoming a victim of a crime, especially in the city center and residential areas with commercial clusters.

The purpose of this survey

The purpose of this survey is to learn more about individual’s experiences, well-being and life in the Tampere’s neighbourhoods. The results of the survey will be utilised in the planning of the city's services and in the development of neighbourhoods, among other things. 

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Updated 26.5.2023