The whole city's Cleanliness volunteer work will take place on 6 May 2023 – register no later than Wednesday 19 April

Registration for the traditional whole city's Cleanliness volunteer work is now open. Pick your own team of volunteers – friends, residents' association members or hobby friends - and do good together! The team can consist of anyone you like. Everyone is welcome to join the community day.

The whole city's Cleanliness volunteer work collects litter from the public areas of the city.

In the previous year, more than 500 people participated in the event, and the volunteers collected up to 4.2 tonnes of litter.

Each team of volunteers may determine the area they would like to clean in connection with their registration. For example, it can be a cycling route, park, streetside or another public place in your neighbourhood. Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto delivers trash bins and bags to the locations indicated in the registration on the day of the event.

You can start the work on Saturday 6 May at a time suitable for the volunteers, and the work will end on the same day no later than 2 pm. You can come up with ideas together for volunteer coffee, a flea market or even an ice cream moment.

Cleaning areas on the website by the end of April – you can make it on the same day

The registered volunteers and their meeting places will be updated on the volunteer site at the end of April. In other words, it is also possible to participate in the clean-up work on the same day by joining the cleaning team in your own area. Last year, more than 40 teams of volunteers from all over Tampere participated in the volunteer cleaning.

The whole city's Cleanliness volunteer work takes part in the national campaign called Miljoona roskapussia (one million trash bags), which aims to collect one million trash bags in Finland during April and May.

The whole city's Cleanliness volunteer work is organised by the City of Tampere and Tampere Infra together with Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto and Ekokumppanit.

Further information

Tiina Kuusipalo
Ekokumppanit Oy Environmental advisor
040 806 2619
Photos: Ekokumppanit Oy
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