Apply now for an early childhood education place for your child that is available for the fall

The application process for early childhood education places and open early childhood education club places that will become available in August 2023 is underway. The application process will continue until 19 March.

It is worth taking part in the application if the family knows that they need a nursing place for their child next fall. In August, early childhood education places become available in different parts of the city, when the age group moving to preschool leaves kindergartens.

You can also apply for an early childhood education place for your child outside the application period throughout the year. You must apply for a place at least four months before the need for early childhood education begins.

The operating season starts in kindergartens next August, when the summer operating season has ended.

The position is primarily applied electronically via the City of Tampere's website. If necessary, the application form can be filled in at the Tampere's service point (address Frenckell square 2 B) Mon–Fri 9 am–4 pm.

The search uses the eVaka Tampere information system

Early childhood education places are applied for in the eVaka Tampere's information system. Logging into the service requires strong identification with bank credentials or a mobile certificate. 

The language is selected before logging in, i.e. immediately on the login page, and it can be changed at any time.

In order for the guardian to receive all early childhood education decisions electronically, he must use the – messages service. Implementation is done in the service, which also contains instructions related to the implementation of the service. Otherwise, the decisions will be sent to your home as paper mail.

The guardian must accept the place within two weeks via eVaka or alternatively by contacting the daycare director, either by email or by calling.

Check out the early childhood education services on the website and ask for more information

More information about early childhood education, different options and applying for a place can be found on the city's website. The website also has information about day care centers that offer shift- and evening care, language groups, and open early childhood education clubs for children under school age and their families.

To apply for places and other questions about services, the customer service of early childhood education and pre-primary education, tel. 040 800 7260, call hours Mon–Fri 9:00–12:00 or by e-mail at varhaiskasvatus.asiakaspalvelu(at)

The supply of private early childhood education has increased

The service offering of private early childhood education has grown in recent years. Private services are an important part of the functioning service network in Tampere and the municipalities of the region. Purchase service and service voucher for daycare centers can now be applied for using the same eVaka system application form as municipal daycare centers.

The family can also obtain a place for care from a private daycare center, a group family daycare center or from a family daycare provider with the support of private care (Kela). In this case, the family applies for a place by contacting the treatment center of their choice directly. 

Further information

Katri Mantere
Head of Customer Service
040 849 2107
Text: Johanna Toivanen
Photos: Laura Happo
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