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4.8.2022 15.01
Pupils sitting in a class room and doing exercises.
Approximately 18,700 pupils are starting their school year in Tampere’s comprehensive schools (grades 1–9).

School starts in Tampere on Wednesday 10 August

Tampere welcomes around 2,160 first graders this autumn. The school year will begin at Tampere’s comprehensive schools on Wednesday 10 August 2022.

Preschool education is also starting its activities as the school year begins. There are a total of about 2,060 children beginning their preschool education in Tampere. The figures of those starting preschool and first grade are preliminary and describe the entire age group in Tampere.

Approximately 18,700 pupils are starting their school year in Tampere’s comprehensive schools (grades 1–9). More information about the beginning of the school year is available on the website of each school.

When schools start, it is important for every road user to pay attention to the traffic and safe movement.

Efforts are being made to reduce bullying and harassment in schools

In the future, schools will offer more ways to intervene in bullying, harassment and violence. In order to make timely intervention possible, the Basic Education Act has been amended and the core and regulations of the curricula have been specified. The changes are related to the action programme against bullying, discrimination and violence in schools. The changes to the law and the curriculum entered into force on 1 August 2022.

In basic education, teaching can be denied to a student not only for the remaining school day, but also for the next working day under the conditions stipulated by law. Denial of the remaining school day means that the school day is suspended. In basic education, during the denial, the student must be given the opportunity to talk personally with a psychologist or school social worker from the student welfare service, and other support necessary to participate in education must be arranged when the student returns to school. A plan is made for the student, which defines practical actions to support the student’s safe return to school.

In Tampere, school-specific plans for the prevention of bullying are included in the schools’ annual plan for the implementation of the local curriculum and are discussed with the staff every school year. In addition, each school’s website has a description of the school’s methods of promoting school peace and preventing bullying.

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Further information
Director of Basic Education Ulla-Maija Ojalammi
050 428 3044
Head Teacher Petri Peltonen
050 525 8561
Director of Basic Education Ville Raatikainen
040 576 8949
Preschool education, centre – west Head of Services Pia Mikkola
050 468 2922
Preschool education, south – south-east Head of Services Tanja Moisala
040 485 6275
Preschool education, centre – north-east Head of Services Heli Rautanen
040 584 7692
Text: Johanna Toivanen
Photos: Laura Happo
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