Strike on 1–2 February affects day-care centres

Trade unions have announced a strike on Thursday and Friday 1-2 February 2024. The demonstration may affect some of the services provided by the City of Tampere. Significant impacts on early childhood education and care and pre-primary education are anticipated. Nysse public transport, meaning buses and trams, will also stop practically completely on Friday 2 February.

Impacts in early childhood education and care and pre-primary education

The strike on Thursday 1 February will affect the City of Tampere's early childhood education and care and pre-primary education services. The impacts are not yet well known, but the aim is to anticipate them. The guardians will be informed of the situation as soon as possible.
The number of children admitted to early childhood education and care on the day in question is limited to the number of staff available, within the limits of the law. This may mean that not all children can be accommodated on that day or that the service hours may have to be limited.

Day-care centres and pre-primary education units will inform guardians of the exceptional arrangements no later than Wednesday 31 January. Carers are invited to be prepared for changes in their child's care as a result of the situation.

Impacts on basic education and upper secondary education

In basic education, school days on 1–2 February will comply with the set timetable and the exceptional situation will not cause changes in the usual school practices.
On Thursday 1 February, the strike may affect the afternoon activities at school. The aim is to keep the afternoon activities organised by the city available as well as possible. The final staff situation will be determined on the day of the strike. The school principals will inform about this later.

The afternoon activities will be available as usual between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. The morning and afternoon activities provided by Ahjola are affected by the strike, so they will not be organised. This applies to activities organised at Juhannuskylä, Lamminpää, Lielahti, Pispala and Tammela schools.

If the pupil or student travels to school by public transport, the school journey will run as usual on Thursday 1 February, as buses and trams will circulate normally.

On Friday 2 February, the strike will affect public transport and buses and tram will not run. According to current information, the situation has no impact on taxi transports or PALI service transports for special needs pupils. There will be no transportation to Teisko on Friday.

Upper secondary education school days held as usual.

Meal and cleaning services in day-care centres, schools and other educational institutions

According to current information, meals and cleaning services can mainly be arranged normally in day-care centres, pre-primary education, schools and upper secondary education institutions. The guardians and students are informed of any exceptions on a site-by-site basis.

The strike has no impact on the meal and cleaning services of Konetalo (Ahvenisjärven koulu) and Puistokoulu.

The food industry strike on 1–2 February will affect the delivery of goods and is reflected as changes in the menus for the coming week. The information applies to services provided by Pirkanmaan Voimia.

Impacts of the strike on cultural services

The historical museums Vapriikki and Milavida will be open during normal opening hours. Restaurant Valssi and Café Amurin Helmi will also be open.

Culture House Laikku will be open normally. Changes to individual services and events may occur.  The situation also has no impact on the operations of Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra.

The opening hours of Tampere Art Museum and Moomin Museum may change between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on 1 February. Sara Hildén Art Museum is closed for an exhibition change until 16 February 2024 and Tampere Art Museum is closed for renovation until 24 February 2024.

The service hours of the Tampere City Library may change in smaller libraries, but self-service is possible. The mobile libraries may not run. Changes may occur in individual services and group visits.
Advance voting will be open in Kaukajärvi Library and Kämmenniemi Library and in Metso. 
Teaching and office services at the Adult Education Centre of the Tampere Region operate normally.

Impacts of the strike on sports and youth services

Sports and youth services will operate normally between 1 and 2 February.

Nysse transport stops on Friday 2 February

The political strikes announced for Friday 2 February 2024 will practically stop all Nysse transport. On Thursday 1 February, public transport will operate normally.

The strike applies to drivers' shifts that start on Friday 2 February. However, individual bus lines may be operated on Friday. We will update the list of operating lines/departures in the strike news article on the Nysse website.

Impact on Infra operations

The political protests to be held on Thursday 1 February will not have much visible impact on Tampere residents in terms of the Tampere Infra activities. However, the industrial action may cause minor disruptions to winter maintenance and traffic flow. We will focus our available resources on preventing slippery conditions and removing snow piles and snow banks on roads, unless otherwise required by weather conditions. 

Status of Voimia services

The protests and strikes held at the end of the week may cause minor changes in meal and cleaning services on 1 February 2024. The strike organised by the Service Union United PAM on the same day may affect the activities of our cleaning service partners.

The food industry strike on 1–2 February 2024 will affect the delivery of goods and is reflected as changes in the menus for the coming week. 

Impact on waste transport

The political strike of the Finnish Transport Workers’ Union (AKT) on 1–2 February is also likely to affect waste transport. Some mixed waste containers may not be emptied during the strike. Households should also prepare for this.

Employment and Growth Services

The offices of the Employment and Growth Services will have exceptional opening hours on Friday 2 February 2024, as follows:

•    The office at Hammareninkatu 5 B, 2nd floor, will be closed.

•    The office at Tullikatu 6, Tullintori 3rd floor, will be closed

•    The open day at the Tampere One-Stop Guidance Center will not be arranged. Appointments and groups are served normally, unless otherwise stated.

Other offices of the Employment and Growth Services and the One-Stop Guidance Center appointments and groups will operate normally, unless otherwise stated.

You can use the services at the following offices:

•    Pendolino office at Pakkahuoneenaukio 2, 2nd floor, open 9.00–16.00

•    Pellavatehtaankatu office at Pellavatehtaankatu 25, 2nd floor, open 9.00–16.15


•    by phone at 040 801 6581 at 9.00–16.15

•    online via the e-services at


Information added on 31 January 2024 at 15:48: Tampere Art Museum is closed for renovation until 24 February 2024.

Information added on 1 February 2024 at 12.50: Nysse transport stops on Friday 2 February, Status of Voimia services, Impact on waste transport and Employment and Growth Services.

Text: Johanna Toivanen / Anna-Leea Hyry
Photos: Laura Happo
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