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Tampere City Council has approved the consortium made up of SRV Group Plc and SRV Construction Ltd as the implementer of the Central Deck and Arena, as well as the project implementation agreement

Published 18.5.2016 14.44

After an almost three-hour discussion, Tampere City Council approved, on 16 May, the implementation agreement of the Central Deck and Arena project and the project partner. During the handling some of the participants proposed tabling the matter and rejecting the City Council’s proposal. These proposals lost in the votes by 61-6 and 60-7. At the beginning of the handling, the project was presented in public, but, due to certain confidential information, the matter was discussed behind closed doors.

Havainnekuva: Tampereen Kansi ja Areena ilmasta katsottuna

The City of Tampere will invest a total of EUR 60 million in the project, i.e. the maximum investment in the company owning the multi-purpose arena is EUR 26 million, while the investment in the construction of the Central Deck, which will be owned by the City of Tampere, will total EUR 22.7 million and in the infrastructure of the Central Deck EUR 11.3 million. As a minority shareholder, the City of Tampere is an equal investor with respect to other investors. As a result, the City of Tampere also gains equal returns on its investments. The City of Tampere can also give up its ownership.

The City of Tampere will not compensate the arena’s plot rent or real property taxes, but will receive these incomes according to normal practices. The rent charged by the City of Tampere for the multi-purpose arena for plots and the arena deck is EUR 420,000 a year.

The implementation agreement also includes a plot reservation agreement, according to which the SRV consortium can purchase plots from the new Ranta-Tampella area at a current price. The completion of the Rantaväylä tunnel enables the construction of the Ranta-Tampella area beside Lake Näsijärvi.

When the Central Deck and Arena project is launched, the planning of the Hakametsä ice stadium area can also begin. The Hakametsä area offers vast opportunities as a versatile campus area for fitness and sports.

According to Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Mayor of Tampere, a major chain of urban development, culture and sports can now be set in motion in Tampere. - The Central Deck and Arena project will also bring thousands of jobs to Tampere both during and after the construction phase. With EUR 60 million invested by the City of Tampere, a EUR 500 million project can be launched, together with completely new types of urban space and activities.

Further information

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