Enjoy the Christmas vibes in Tampere

Ask Tam the Chatbot about migration, integration, employment and entrepreneurship services

At the International House Tampere website, you can ask the Tam chatbot about migration, integration, employment and entrepreneurship services. Tam can also answer the most common questions about the city of Tampere and the region’s educational services.

Tell us in the user survey how serves you

How useful do you find the City of Tampere's website? Can you find the information you are looking for, where it could be improved? Answer our user survey and help us develop the site to meet your needs. At the same time, you can win cinema tickets in a prize draw.

International House Tampere supports Internationals

Are you about to come and live, work, study, do research or just find new exciting possibilities in Tampere, Finland? Or are you a business looking to internationalise and grow with international experts? The International House Tampere is a Single Service Point for supporting Internationals with living, working, studying and connecting with Local Employers.

Multi-lingual information and guidance services for migrants

Looking for information and advice in different topics of everyday life? Multi-lingual info Mainio's advisors answer your questions in 13 different languages. They can help in untangling Finnish documents or official correspondence, filling in different forms and applications, or making appointments by phone for example for a doctor.

Main photo of the page: Mikko Vares