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Tampere is constructing a tram line which would run in section one between the city centre, Hervanta and Tampere University Hospital. At the moment, the aforementioned locations are not only the busiest in terms of public transport, but some of the fastest growing areas of the city. The objective is to start the tramway traffic from the city centre to Hervanta and Tampere University Hospital in 2021.

The tram lines will connect major residential areas and work places, educational establishments, the railway station and the University Hospital and retail districts. The tramway is a safe and easy-to-use system for all age groups, and provides an accessible mode of transport.

Tampere is growing rapidly. The average population growth has been more than 2,000 annually. The city centre is already congested with buses, and the narrow neck of land cannot support any more bus traffic.

The city council of Tampere decided in December 2017 to begin the second stage in the development and design of the Tampere tramway. The city council will decide of the building section two in 2020.

The City of Tampere and the neighbouring municipalities and cities of Pirkkala, Kangasala and Ylöjärvi have began the planning of the regional master plan of the tramway. This work will begin on May 2019 and will be ready at the end of 2020.

Part of public transport

The tram line will become a part of Tampere Public Transport as its key project for 2014 - 2023. The bus lines will be coordinated with the tram lines.

In the initial phase, there will be two tram lines. During the daytime, the trams will run at 7.5 minute intervals. The length of the planned track is approximately 23 km. Three-quarters of it will run on its own lane, separated from the other traffic.

The trams can reach a top speed of 70 km per hour, with an average speed of 20 km per hour. During rush hour, the tramway will be the fastest transport mode from the city centre to Hervanta and to the University Hospital.

The capacity of one 37 m tramcar is 240 passengers which is almost three times more than a conventional bus or about 185 cars.

The depot will be located in Hervanta.

Tramway Alliance

The Tramway Alliance is composed of the City of Tampere, Tampere Tramway Ltd, NRC Group Finland, YIT Finland Ltd and Pöyry Finland Plc. During the development phase, the Tramway Alliance prepared a detailed implementation plan of the tracks, street planning, stops and the depot. The plan’s aim was to find the best feasible solutions to support the construction decision. The tramway was planned in dialogue with residents, communities, businesses and property owners.

Tramway construction started in 2017. The tramway construction is a long-term project that will result in a number of changes, given that the line will be running through a busy and functional city. Upon completion, it will become the city’s new arterial route.


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