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Tampere Culture Ambassadors

Photo from light art event, with variety of colors in the walls of the buildings, image of human being in the middle

Tampere Culture Ambassadors are highly respected professionals and personalities of their own fields and well-known public figures. Their mission is to advocate local culture, as well as promote Tampere as a great location for different cultural productions, events, and cultural activities locally and internationally.

Tampere Culture Ambassadors 2023 introduced below. 

Aram Tertzakian at Tampere Old City Hall with Tampere Culture Ambassador certificate
Aram Tertzakian received his Tampere Culture Ambassador at Tampere Old City Hall

Aram Tertzakian, Executive Producer, Co-Founder, XYZ FIlms

Aram Tertzakian is a co-founder and partner of American production company XYZ Films. Tertzakian has produced dozens of films during his career, and he is also a producer of Hollywood film Dual, which was shot in Tampere in autumn 2020.

After successful filming of Dual, the City of Tampere, Film Tampere and XYZ Films agreed on a cooperation agreement about future international movie productions in the city.

- We were very satisfied with the filming of Dual in Tampere. We are committed to finding and recognizing more opportunities for movie productions in Tampere and Finland. This cooperation agreement with the City of Tampere and Film Tampere is a great first step to reach this goal, Tertzakian said.

Aram Tertzakian was granted the title of a Tampere Culture Ambassador at the Tampere Old City Hall in the closure event of the movie production in November 2020.

Updated 9.3.2023