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Tampere Ambassadors

Tampere.Finland logo projected in a wall of the building near Tammerkoski

Tampere Ambassadors are a group of inspiring and influential individuals, who share a love for Tampere and are willing to create opportunities for Tampere to become even more international city. 

Tampere Ambassadors are internationally renowned researchers, pioneers in business life, visible cultural actors, as well as international experts from all over the world and from variety of different fields of life. They advocate Tampere as a great place to live, study, invest, create a business or organize different events and ongresses. Their mission is to boost Tampere's internationalization efforts taking advantage of their own skills and networks.  

Tampere Ambassadors program consists of five different subprograms, which all have their own coordination and targets. 

Tampere Ambassadors subprograms

Further information on Tampere Ambassadors program and activities: 

Planning Officer of International Affairs
Pekka Pernu
Tel: +358 41 730 2598
Email: [email protected]

Updated 12.1.2023