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Swimming lessons and swimming groups

Poika polskii altaassa.

When you select swimming lessons for a child, it is important to pick a group that corresponds to the child's swimming skills. We recommend that you first go to the pool and test the child’s skills before you select a suitable level of swimming lessons.

You should not book several courses of swimming lessons back to back; it is better to give the child a chance to develop their skills after having lessons. The best way to do this is to go swimming without formal instruction.

Good to know

In addition to the fee for the lessons, the swimming pool admission fee must be paid. If the parents go swimming during the lesson, they pay the normal swimming pool fee at the ticket office. Before swimming, you should wash yourself carefully without swimwear. You should also wet your hair, and long hair should be tied up.

Parents can bring the child to the pool through the dressing rooms and showers. If they do not intend to swim, they can get a parent's card from the ticket office, which allows them to get in and out through the gate. The parents should bring clean indoor shoes for going through the dressing room and showers.

The groups meet 10 times (8 times in summer lessons) and each lesson takes 30 minutes. If the lesson has to be cancelled for reasons that are not within the organiser’s control, no refund will be paid for a missed lesson.

The instruction language of the swimming lessons is Finnish.

For customers at the Swimming Centre and Pyynikki swimming pool

The parents of children attending swimming lessons bring their child to the marked area between the showers and the pool. An instructor collects the children from this area about five minutes before the actual lesson starts. Once the swimming lesson starts, the parent will go to the café, or swimming if they have paid the fee. A parent dropping off a child may not stay in the pool area.

Any exceptions must be agreed upon separately.

Tommi Liimatta
More information on swimming lessons Lead Sports Instructor
040 801 6587

More information on swimming lessons and lifesaving: Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation

Updated 28.6.2023