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Baby and family swims

Baby in the swimming pool with his mom.

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Baby and family swims are playtime for a child who is at the right age for baby swimming and for his or her parents in sufficiently warm water (+ 32 C). Trained baby swimming instructors guide and support the parents. The idea is to get the baby and his or her parents used to water as an element, progressing on the baby’s terms and monitoring the baby's motor development. Diving is just a small part of the baby swim. It is based on the baby's natural diving reflex: the baby is able to close his or her respiratory tract when hit in the face by a flow of water, or even a strong enough flow of air.

The baby also practises balancing and getting used to swimming and floating on his or her back. The Sports Services’ instructors have led high-quality baby and family swimming for more than twenty years in different swimming pools in Tampere. Efforts are also continuously made to develop the activities further. An information session to discuss safety issues is organised before the baby and family swims start.

Baby and family swimming groups

Information for beginners in baby swimming schools (in Finnish)

Tommi Liimatta
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Updated 22.11.2023