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exercise in water.

The objective of the exercise groups is to improve and maintain the participants’ health, functional capacity and physical fitness as well as to offer them social contacts, joy and recreation. 

The groups are open to everyone and are also suitable for beginners.

Group descriptions

Fitness classes

The fitness class (45 min) consists of a warm-up, muscular fitness section and stretching. The classes improve your endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, balance and memory.

Step toning

Step toning (60 min) includes various steps on a board, a muscular fitness section and stretching. The exercises improve such properties as your balance and control of the muscles in your midriff; excellent exercise for bone strength.

Circuit training

Circuit training improves your muscular strength and balance. The instructor-led group class (60 min) includes warm-up and cool-down exercises.

Gym training

At the gym, you can strengthen various muscle groups using the gym equipment. An instructor-led group class (70 min) includes warm-up and cool-down exercises. A self-guided group lesson (60 min) contains independent training without an instructor.

Body maintenance

A class that maintains your body and corrects your posture. The class contains muscular fitness exercises that improve mobility and body control, as well as stretches and relaxing exercises. Equipment may also be used during the class.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is an effective form of exercise for people of all ages and levels of fitness. If you have shoulder and back problems, the poles can help you relax and improve your balance as well as promote the effective use of your arms. The poles also make walking in slippery conditions safer. The Nordic walking class includes instructor-led warm-up exercises and stretching at the end.

Dancing for seniors

Round and ballroom dances led by an instructor. Dancing for seniors improves the participants’ balance, coordination and memory. Suitable for both men and women. You do not need to come with a partner. Class duration is 60 minutes. Dancing improves the condition of the cardiovascular system. In addition to dancing for seniors, the group can also do round dances, which are particularly suitable for more experienced dancers.

Rowing machine spin class 

Rowing machine spinning is a versatile form of exercise that is suitable for people of all ages, sizes and levels of fitness. The class consists of warm-up exercises, the actual workout and a cool-down period. During these stages, you change the tempo and resistance with music playing in the background. All participants strive to do the movements at the same time and at the same rhythm. Some parts can be done in time to music. The class is led by a trained instructor on their own rowing machine who sets the pace and gives instructions for rowing technique and using the machines.

Balance groups

The groups practise the skills needed for good balance and confident movements. Suitable for both men and women. Participants can also bring a personal assistant. A large selection of equipment is used for the training.

Chair workout

In this group, the participants exercise both standing up and sitting on a chair. During the class (30 minutes), they practise endurance, muscular fitness, balance and similar.


After a warm-up, the participants stretch and relax their muscles. Class duration is 60 minutes.


Hydrobics is a safe form of exercise that burns calories efficiently and is also suitable for beginners. Hydrobics classes are available for different levels of fitness from a basic workout to deep water classes. Class duration is 30 minutes.

Participants in fast-paced water tempo classes must be able to swim as some of the exercises are done in deep water.

Deep water classes are intended for those who are able to swim. Being able to swim is essential as the classes always take place in deep water while wearing a water jogging belt, or without any equipment. Different types of equipment are used during the classes to increase the resistance.

In addition to the fee for the class, participants pay the entrance fee to the swimming pool. A pool lift is available for persons with disabilities.

The registration system

You can enrol in the groups electronically using the registration system. Participants will be accepted in the order of enrolment until the groups are full.

Updated 28.10.2022