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Financial and debt counselling

Financial and debt counselling has moved to legal aid offices

Beginning 1 January 2019, the public legal aid office closest to Tampere residents is the Pirkanmaa legal aid office.

The telephone number for the advice line will change at the beginning of 2019. The new number is 029 5660 715, Monday to Friday at 8 a.m. - 4.15 p.m. Read more (bulletin 27.11.)

Valokuva: Talous- ja velkaneuvonta auttaa taloudellisissa vaikeuksissa selviytymisessä.

The Financial and Debt Counselling Office helps to get over financial difficulties. It’s good to contact the Financial and Debt Counselling Office when you feel that you need a specialist’s help or when your debt situation has gone out of control and you have difficulties in managing bills and debts at their due dates. The prolongation of the situation usually worsens the over-indebting and causes high interest and collection costs.

The personnel of the Financial and Debt Counselling Office plan together with the client how to manage the debts and how to balance the financial situation.

The services provided by the Financial and Debt Counselling Office are free of charge. They are intended for private persons living in the Tampere Region (Tampere, Lempäälä, Nokia, Pirkkala, Vesilahti, Ylöjärvi).

You can make a personal appointment in the Financial and Debt Advising Office, but clients can also be advised by telephone and email. A phone call costs the same as a normal local phone call.

Discussions are confidential: client information is not delivered or told to a third party. During the phone call the main aim is first to find out various alternatives and on advising how to process.
Important information required to clarify the prevailing situation include information about personal income and that of the spouse, the number of debts, and the expenses relating to housing, work trips, day care, health care and child and maintenance supports.

If you want to make a personal appointment, you have to provide the Financial and Debt Counselling Office with basic information about your own financial situation such as:

  • Information about your personal income and that of your spouse (salary, daily allowance, pension, housing benefit, maintenance support/child support)
  • Proof of the expenses of the family (housing costs, water, electricity, amounts of the maintenance and child support, day care fees, insurance contributions). If the debts have been sent to a debt collecting agency for recovery, it is recommended to ask the debt collecting agency for a list of the debtor’s debts to list the cases which are subject to recovery proceedings along with information about payments made and the measures taken regarding the debtor. As to other debts, they should be listed on a piece of paper and the last received bills related to the debts should be provided.

Once the above mentioned proof has been given to the Financial and Debt Counselling Office, information regarding the personal appointment will be sent to the client by post.

If the client needs an interpreter for the personal meeting, the client has to order and pay for the interpreter themselves.

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