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Youth clinic

Youth clinic
Tipotie social services and health centre (4th floor, wing A)
33230 Tampere
opening hours Monday to Thursday 8 - 15.45 and Friday 8 - 13.45

Nuorisoneuvolan työntekijät.

The youth clinic provides birth control advice for Tampere residents under 22 years of age. Those Tampere residents under 22 years of age who are not entitled to the occupational health care or student health care services are provided the services of public health nurses, a doctor and a psychologist working at the youth clinic. The medical examinations are free of charge.

The youth clinic gives help in matters relating to sexuality, contraception (starting the use of contraceptives and the follow-up of the use), postcoital contraception for girls under 15 years of age, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, menstrual pain, dating, personal worries and/or one’s own health.

The psychologist who works at the youth clinic supports young people in becoming independent. The psychologist also cares for less severe mental disorders and crises and refers, when necessary, the client to further care.

The nurse's telephone time is Monday to Wednesday 10.30 - 11 and 14.30 - 15, Thursday 14.30 - 15 and Friday 10.30 - 11, 040 702 3151 ja 040 702 8911.

Booking appointments

The clients book the appointment themselves. A referral is not needed.
Tel. 03 5657 0154, Monday, Thursday 13 - 14.30 and Tuesday, Friday 8.30 - 10