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Service buses and transport facilities

Service buses serve aged persons and people in wheelchair or with limited mobility. Service buses in Tampere circulate around 17 residential areas.

It is not necessary to reserve the bus beforehand but if walking to a bus stop proves difficult, the bus can be reserved by telephone and it will collect the client from his/her doorstep.

The fee is equivalent to that charged in public service buses. Trips can be paid for by using a transport card or in cash.

Information on itineraries and time schedules of the public service buses can be found on the Tampere Public Transport homepage:

Transport service for the disabled

A person with particular difficulties with movement or a person who is unable to use public transport without unreasonable difficulties due to his/her disability, is entitled to transport services.

For more information on the transport services for the disabled, contact the Social Welfare Office of the Disabled.

Social Welfare Office for the Disabled
Switchboard 03 565 611
Postal address PL 98
33201 Tampere