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Services for the elderly

Services for the elderly aim at ensuring a safe living environment in his/her own home for as many residents of Tampere as possible. By means of providing care at home and a parent care subsidy, aged people are given assistance which, as a result, enables them to live at home.

Daytime activities are aimed at maintaining the health and mobility of aged people while facilitating their everyday life. Daytime activities are provided by the Day Centres and Service Centres.

When the need for services of aged persons cannot be provided while living at home, moving to a Service Home or Group Home is an alternative option.

Hospital or institutional care is an option when the person’s age or illness makes it impossible to live at home.

Further information

Information Office for Elderly People and for the Disabled
Tel. 03 5656 5700, Monday - Friday 8 - 16.30
Postal address P.O. box 487
33101 Tampere
opening hours Monday to Friday 9 - 16

Acting purchasing manager Mari Patronen Tel. 040 801 6008