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Adolescent psychiatry clinic

Adolescent psychiatry clinic
Switchboard 03 565 715
Tipotie social services and health centre (4th floor, wing B)
33230 Tampere
opening hours Monday - Thursday 8 - 16, Friday 8 - 15.30

Adolescent psychiatry clinic is specialized in helping particularly adolescents (13 - 18 year old). The clinic provides treatment for adolescents suffering for instance from anxiety, depression or conduct disorder.

New contacts through the school health care or other authority. A referral from a doctor is not required. Phone calling time: Mon - Fri at 12 - 12.30

The clinic carries out flexible, family-centered outpatient psychiatric care for adolescents. The clinic provides the following services to adolescents and their families living in Tampere:

  • Adolescent psychiatric examination: 3 - 5 individual visits, meeting with the family
  • Outpatient psychiatric treatment for adolescents (individual treatments usually include 10 - 25 visits).