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Consulting hours of a nurse and a public health nurse

In some matters relating to health and medical care it is not necessary to see a doctor. In these cases you can go to consult a nurse located at the health centre of your housing district or a public health nurse working at your own adult health care.

Valokuva: Aikuisneuvolan terveydenhoitaja auttaa kansansairauksien, kuten diabeteksen,  ennaltaehkäisyssä ja hoidossa.

Consulting hours of a nurse

You may consult the nurse at the health centre of your own housing district by calling the Information and advice number (03 10023) and booking an appointment with your nurse.
It is also possible to visit a nurse at your own health centre without appointment.

The services provided by the nurse are free of charge.

During the consulting hours the nurse

  • gives short sick notes (1 - 3 days) and advice on treating the illness
  • helps patients prepare for various procedures
  • provides general health guidance
  • treats minor wounds
  • removes sutures from wounds
  • carries out ear cleaning
  • implements the medications prescribed by a doctor
  • gives vaccinations

The health centres are open Monday to Thursday 8 - 15.30 and Friday 8 - 15.

Consulting hours of a public health nurse

It is necessary to book an appointment to consult a public health nurse located at your health centre. Appointments can be booked on weekdays 12 - 13. Consulting a public health nurse is free of charge.

Most patients attending the adult health care have a doctor’s recommendation, but you may even consult the public health nurse on your own initiative if you wish, for example, to have follow-up of your general health.

The public health nurse

  • gives vaccinations
  • treats chronic wounds
  • conducts memory tests for clients
  • gives advice and information for groups
  • provides treatment equipment
  • is responsible for the health check-ups of people 70 years of age and older

See the contact information of your own public health nurse: