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Health centres

The professionals at your health centre attend to your health and well-being questions. If you need healthcare services, contact your health centre, if possible. Your health centre provides multi-professional care, advice and counselling. If necessary, you will be referred to further examination and treatment.

If you do not know, which health centre to go to, call healthcare services helpline. Your address determines the catchment area of your health centre.

Contact us

If it is not urgent, you can contact your health centre in many different ways:

Link to the webpages of Omaolo.

Start with Omaolo

Omaolo service is available round the clock and gives reliable advice whether or not you need to seek medical attention. Based on your answers, you will be given recommendations and instructions what to do. The service is available in English.

Linkki sähköisiin terveyspalveluihin.

Submit a request for contact

The online contact form may be filled out and the description of your condition, when not in need of urgent medical attention, submitted to your health centre. You will be contacted as soon as possible, at the latest within the next 3 weekdays.

The contact form is on the online healthcare services webpage. The online services are available only in Finnish, but you can fill out your information in English.


Call on a telephone

A nurse will advise and instruct you on the phone.

See the contact details of your health centre:

Hoitohenkilökuntaa koskeva kuvake.

Come and visit face-to-face

You can come to the health centre during opening hours.

If you case is not urgent, you can avoid waiting, if you contact the centre in advance.

Urgent care

If you need immediate urgent care, you can come to the health centre during opening hours. Patients are triaged and attended accordingly. If possible, call your health centre first.

When the health centres are closed, the urgent treatment clinic (kiirevastaanotto) is open by appointment on weekdays between 16 and 20 and weekends between 10 and 16. The Health care counselling will assist you to book in to be seen at the urgent treatment clinic, tel. 03 5657 0023.

Round-the-clock Medical Helpline 116117 will help with urgent health issues, if your health centre is closed. Always call 116117, whenever you believe you might need urgent care or a visit to an emergency clinic.

External linkAccident and Emergency Department Acuta attends to Tampere residents, who require immediate medical attention. Acuta is open round the clock.

Contact informations of health centres

The city of Tampere has 11 health centres that serve local residents around the city.

The health centres are open Monday to Thursday 8 - 16 and days before public holidays 8 - 15.

Health care counselling : You can always call Health care counselling, tel. 03 5657 0023. The service is open every day 7 - 22 .

Health centre services

Information about the services of the health centre's multidisciplinary team of experts:

Client fees

Consulting a health centre physician costs 20,60 euros/visit for a person 18 years of age or older.

See also
The first-phase medical consultation of the nurse for refugees and return migrants is located in Hervanta. Newcomers undergo a medical examination.