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Health centres

If you need medical help or consultation, call the nurse at the Health care counselling service. The nurse will assess your need for care and, if necessary, make an appointment with a doctor or nurse for you or otherwise give you the appropriate medical instructions.

Call 10023 or by mobile phone 03 10023, daily 7 - 22:

  • Information on health services and health care advice
  • Booking an appointment with a doctor or nurse

Customer’s own health centre is determined according to the his/her home address. Occasional users of the health centre services may make an appointment with the doctor who is available on the shortest notice at the customer’s own health centre. Patients with chronic illnesses are requested to always seek treatment from the same doctor.

The health centres are open Monday to Thursday 8 - 16, Friday and days before public holidays 8 - 15.

Client fee

Consulting a health centre physician costs 17,70 euros/visit for a person 18 years of age or older.

The City of Tampere is using electronic prescriptions. Doctors provide patients with instructions in paper format instead of the paper prescriptions. The instructions for patients will include the names of the medications and dosage instructions. The medication can be picked up from any pharmacy by showing either the instructions or the patient’s Kela card. External linkKanTa - National Archive of Health Information

Occupational health care

If the occupational health care services provided by an employer also cover medical care, those entitled to these services contact, in the first instance, the provider of these services in issues regarding medical care.

Health services for immigrants requiring specific support

The first-phase medical consultation of the nurse for refugees and return migrants is located in Hervanta. Newcomers undergo a medical examination.